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The Christmas holiday may be officially over, but several people are still setting up their new gadgets and appliances.  But what are you doing with the old ones you can’t sell?

Neil Hebert has more on what you should do with your electronic trash. One million pounds of TVs, with more coming in. That’s what first choice recycling in Eau Claire is expecting to bring in throughout the year.

But it’s not just TV’s. It’s a place where you might have to take your old appliances, phones and computers, because garbage and recycling companies won’t take it.

“You can leave it out, but your refuge people won’t take it. It will still sit there. Your garbage will be emptied, but your electronics will sit there. They’ll either leave you a note or you’ll call them about it and they’ll tell you to take it to first choice or somebody authorized as a recycler to handle it for you.”

Devoll says if you’re worried about what they do with your data, he says there are no worries; every hard drive that comes through. They shred all the hard drives.

Recycling has a positive effect on the environment, and people around the community are trying to help out.

“I brought in a very old laptop, an extremely old desktop, and tube TVs. I brought them in because it’s the right thing to do for recycling them and we don’t need them anymore.”

The materials that come through first choice recycling are monitored by the department of natural resources to ensure it’s getting to the right places.

“We work close with the donor. Everything that’s coming out. They want to know where it’s going. Wisconsin is one of the states that has the recycling laws where you can’t landfill it, so they want to know what you do with it.”

First choice recycling is open Monday through Saturday to help you with your recycling needs.

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