School District Tests Bus GPS Tracking for Students


A Wisconsin school district is testing tracking students and buses through a GPS monitoring system as part of an effort to keep kids safe.

Student Transit in Eau Claire says the safety of its students is always a number one priority,

It says while GPS tracking on students could be beneficial, it hasn’t found a way to do it as effectively as it would like just yet.

General Manager, Marty Klukas says drivers are always ready to do their jobs.

He says that all of their buses have GPS tracking, but tracking students individually is a much bigger task – a task that student transit tried two years ago.

“We had cards for each kiddo strapped to the backpack,” said Klukas. “It would double and triple the load times just because it takes a second or two for that person to scan on to the bus.”

He says students can sometimes miss a bus, but when it happens, it’s all hands on deck.

“It happens, doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, we communicate with parents, we communicate with the schools and we try to collaborate,” said Klukas.

He says transporting their precious cargo each and every day safely is what the company strives for.

Student Transit says it would be in favor of adding a student tracking system once it finds an effective way.

Klukas says ideas may come more easily as technology continues to advance.

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