Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – After yesterday’s vote to open debate on the bill, the US Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act. The legislation passed by a vote along party lines of 51 to 50.

Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie-breaking vote that pushed the bill across the finish line. The economic package is intended to combat climate change, address health care costs, and increase taxes on large corporations.

Its passage is a major achievement for President Biden, as the democrats look ahead to the midterm elections when they’ll try to maintain their majority. 

“The time is now to move forward with a big, bold package for the American people to fight inflation and make it easier for people to afford everything from trips to the doctor’s office to trips to the pharmacy. To hold drug companies accountable and empower Medicare to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs. To help families pay their utilities with the boldest clean energy package in American history.”

“We told you – and by god, god knows the republicans are by no means perfect, but we told you what was going to happen: that we had a struggling economy because of COVID, and this tax and spend, drawing the government throwing money at everything, is going to bite us. And it did.”

Wisconsin’s two senators were split on the bill. Democrat Tammy Baldwin voted for it. Republican Ron Johnson opposed the proposal. The bill now heads to the house.