Senate Vote On Bag Bans

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A bill before the state senate would limit the power of communities to ban plastic bags in grocery stores.
But it’s an environmental concern the city of Eau Claire has tried to work on its own. FOX 25-48’s Jesse Horne has the story.

There’s one big question you’re asked almost each time at the grocery store.

“… And what kind of bag can I get for you today?”

The Eau Claire city council has been working to eliminate plastic as an option.

“The whole thing was that we wanted to allow our community to kind of figure out its own way on this. So, we had benchmarks that we were trying to meet.”

However, a bill currently in the state senate is looking to limit the authority a community has in regulating auxiliary containers, like those plastic bags at the supermarket.

While the city of Eau Claire is trying to be ahead of the game in cutting down on plastic bags, tomorrow’s vote in the state senate might decide on what side of the aisle you’re on.

A similar bill was passed during this session by the assembly. All 63 republicans voting in favor, all but one of the 35 democrats voting against.

“I see a problem with the patchwork situation, where you have one township, one municipality. Everyone with a different set of rules on containers and I can see where this would be both costly and troublesome for local retailers.”

“I think that the state should allow local municipalities to work with local businesses to find some balance and I am generally opposed to bills that take away local powers.”

Powers Werthmann feels should stay with Eau Claire officials.

“We could do something on a local level. Figure this out, and they could be focusing on how we educate. How do we make sure we’re spending our tax dollars appropriately, and they’re not? They’re focused on this.”

The bill is scheduled to be voted on tomorrow.

In Eau Claire, Jesse Horne. FOX 25-48.

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