Ski Jumpers Fly


Despite those cold temps, ski jumpers say its great weather for the 84th- annual flying eagles ski jumping invitational.

Reporter Abigail Hantke was at Mt. Washington for the competition.

Sunny skies and moderate winds makes for a great day of ski jumping at Mt. Washington hill. Now there’s minimal winds out here today, but jumpers say normally a little front facing wind is helpful when they jump to stay in the air longer.

Saturday’s competition features 71- jumpers ranging in age from under 6- years old…all the way to 54-.we’re one of about 11/12 different clubs in the central division, and each club hosts a tournament like this and we draw in all the different clubs and although jumpers may be excited to take leaps from 7- meters or even 40- meter jumps.

“An accomplishment for sure, I really do feel that it’s an accomplishment for me. Parents tell a different story. Oh yes it’s always a little nerve racking the first time there on a bigger hill I think that probably one of the toughest things, I think it’s harder on the parents than on the kids because you know to let your little one go off and go down the jump which at times may look scary, it’s actually a really highly regulated sport and its very safe being a parent means giving a lot of extra time out here at the hills it’s not just being out here for my kids its being out here for everybody else’s kids, it’s a family sport, so there’s a lot of families out here.”

It’s a 130- year old tradition in Eau Claire is not like many other sports. But parents say it’s just the beginning to more opportunities in life.

“Once the kids start doing the sport of ski jumping it’s really up to them to go of the top of the jump, it’s their decision to go down, and once they make that commitment I feel that it really transcends them into other things in life as they get older to make that commitment to really go for it.

in Eau Claire, Abigail Hantke, Fox 25/48 news at nine.

3 a few participants at today’s invitational were competing in preparation for the silver mine invitational coming up February 12th and 13th.that invitational is expected to be the largest ever hosted by the Eau Claire and flying eagles ski club.

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