Social media threat disrupts school day at North High School


A threat possibly posted on social media about a local high school, disrupted the start of the school day Monday.

Police were called to North High School on Monday morning in response to alleged social media threats directed at the school.

“We received a call from the Eau Claire School District indicating that they received information of a possible threat that was made over social media in the early morning hours at approximately 6:30 a.m.,” said Lt. Derek Thomas of the Eau Claire Police Dept.

Thomas said the information the school received pertained to incidents that happened at the school on Friday.

“We found out that it was a social media post that was posted late last week,” said Thomas. “We found out there were two separate incidents that were posted on the social media website indicating that officers had responded to an investigation involving a gun.”

One of the incidents involves a possible gun on a school bus that is still being investigated.

And the other was an intoxicated man that had confronted kids in the parking lot Friday night with a gun, an arrest was made.

On Monday morning police responded to the school and Superintendent Mary Ann Hardebeck said they had no information that canceling classes would have been effective

“We responded as quickly as we could to the incident,” Hardebeck said. “We already had students in the school building; we already had students on the way, on the buses, arriving at school. We had to secure the campus and we communicated with families just as soon as we could.”

One parent we spoke with chose to remain anonymous and disagrees.

“I’m very concerned about the lack of communication with what happened today,” the concerned parent said. “The school reported that they were notified at 6:30 a.m. but parents were not notified until 8 a.m. via email. I feel that all parents should have been notified immediately.”

Hardebeck says so while today’s threat was deemed not credible, the events today prove the school has a good response plan in place.

Police say while the threat was not credible, they approach every threat like it is and the safety of the children is top priority.

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