Sri Lanka terror attacks


Sri Lanka on high alert today, after security forces faced off with militants in a gunfight during a raid.

Authorities say at least 15 people are dead–including children

Fox news correspondent kitty Logan has the latest

Sri lanka security forces made a grim discovery at dawn

After a raid on militants turned violent.

They found 15 dead bodies including six children, 

Officials say a young girl and a woman survived the explosions

But were critically injured.

Islamic militants with suspected links to the Easter suicide bombers opened fire

As security forces raided the house on Friday after a tip off

There were also ISIS flags, explosives and other bomb making materials in the suspected safe houses in the east of the country.

The army says the terror group is still a threat to the country.

“this won’t stop so we won’t stop either. We are the army, we are the type of people who protect the country.”

The violent raid comes nearly a week after a series of coordinated suicide attacks on churches and luxury hotels

Around two-hundred-and 50 people died, and hundreds more were wounded in the bombings.

“now they, nearly more than 100 suspects already arrested. Inquiry is going on.”

Sri lanka remains on high alert as the hunt for other suspects continues.

With many people worried about possible new attacks

Religious leaders are warning people to stay away from places of worship for their own safety.

Ranjith says: “we have advised the people to stay indoors and say their prayers with their families because we don’t want a repetition.”

The u-s state department is advising Americans to stay away from sri lanka…

And is calling on government workers there to leave the country.

In London, kitty Logan, fox news.

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