Super Bowl 51 Preview


Less than 12- hours to go until the kick-off to Super Bowl 51 in Houston Texas. The New England Patriots, in search of their fifth Vince Lombardi trophy as they take on the Atlanta Falcons in search of their first… reporter John Kucko joins us again now with more on tomorrow’s Big Game, John?

Super Bowl eve here in Houston. To use NASA mission control lingo: “We are go for launch”. 24 hours from game time, the coolest hat for sale is the new era liftoff NFL shield.

It went on sale yesterday and runs $180. Multi-color fiber optics makes this unique. Hats are among the top sellers at any Super Bowl. They also have a setup here where they do custom brims; one of a kind hats. Pick your team and choose a brim from a few hundred options. It takes them two minutes to make this. Very popular this week.

The teams had a walk through inside NRG Stadium today. All that remains is Super Bowl 51. It’ll be a long day tomorrow before kickoff in the evening. 

The teams rest up for the night, what kind of mindset will these teams be in before heading into tomorrow’s game?

Well I think they like to keep them distraction free so I’d be surprised if they were doing anything other than hanging out at the hotel, maybe having some team bonding activities in the evening, that’s often the case, like I said tomorrow, is a very lengthy day there together with the team all morning, into the afternoon and then they’ll arrive here 2 and a half to three hours before kickoff

Thanks John. For those getting ready to watch the big game tomorrow, here’s a rundown of Fox programming. Sunday’s coverage will begin at 9 am with three hours of Super Bowl coverage up until noon. Starting at noon, Fox starts its pre-game coverage all the way up until 5:30 pm central time for the kick-off of Super Bowl 51 between the Falcons and Patriots.

Following postgame coverage, Fox will air 24: Legacy with First News at Nine coming up immediately afterwards. A Super Bowl wish comes true for kids battling cancer. the NFL teams up with the Make-a-Wish Foundation to send 13 lucky children to the Super Bowl. on Friday. The wish kids got a chance to meet their favorite players, they ran passes from star quarterbacks, and took pictures with the Vince Lombardi trophy.

“I love giving back. I said – once I get the opportunity to give back, I was going to be doing it. as a child, I didn’t have the opportunity to interact with professional athletes, so I said – once I’m a professional athlete, I’m going to interact with these kids, so giving back is always good.” The wish kids are headed to the big game at Houston’s NRG Stadium tomorrow, catch the Super Bowl Sunday at 5:30, only on Fox.

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