Super Bowl Party Food Safety


With several Super Bowl parties in the mix this weekend, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is suggesting you take a few preventative measures when it comes to setting out food for your parties.

The CDC is offering a few tips to keep your food safe and avoid food poisoning.

First, be sure to wash your hands. This is the number one way to prevent a foodborne illness. You should also wash and sanitize your work surfaces including cutting boards, knives and counters – especially when changing between raw meats and ready to eat foods to help prevent cross contamination. They add using a food thermometer to cook can also go a long way.

The director of food and nutrition at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital says time and temperature control for food is very important. The longer it sits out in what we call the temperature danger zone that range from 41 to 134 degrees, that’s when bacteria and other pathogens grow and multiply the most and will lead to that food borne illness.

Now the CDC says that people eat more food on super bowl Sunday than any other day of the year, except Thanksgiving.

Another suggested tip is to use serving utensils and minimize bare contact with any food items — especially during cold and flu season. Lastly, when in doubt — throw it out. If your food has been sitting out all game, get rid of the leftovers.

A food borne illness can be a very serious situation, so be sure you take all the proper precautions to stay safe this weekend.

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