Survival Stories From Nepal and A Woman is Heading Back


There have been some bright moments in the darkness of the Nepal earthquake. Crews pulling survivors from the wreckage, but the possibility of finding more is quickly fading away. Fox News senior foreign affairs correspondent Greg Palkot has more from London.

Survival stories giving Nepalese something to cheer about amid the destruction. Rescuers finding this four-month old boy Sunday after he was buried for twenty-two hours. The baby did not suffer any injuries. Workers also rescuing a man trapped for eighty hours on Tuesday. And today, American team members helped to save a 15-year-old who endured five days in the rubble. “Sometimes I felt aftershocks and I could hear the sound of bulldozers.” A doctor says it’s amazing he survived. “We treated him, we gave him some fluid, we gave him some energy like food and sugar and from the first exam he looked okay.”

The death toll rising as victims bodies are recovered. Many of those who lived are facing tremendous challenges and getting to remote areas is difficult for aid workers. “We’re using trucks where we can. Where we can’t, we’re using helicopters.”

Video from the day of the quake revealing its full power. Showing the moment it struck, sending people fleeing and knocking down ancient buildings. More footage shows an archway collapsing on a busy Kathmandu street. Saturday’s quake also caused a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest. And the shaking didn’t stop after that initial earth quake.

Scientists recording more than seventy aftershocks measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale or higher in the five days since the main quake. In London, Greg Palkot, Fox News.

An Eau Claire north graduate is heading to Nepal to help with relief efforts. 22-year-old Tia Lowry had spent four months in Nepal helping at a local orphanage. She was planning a trip back to the country next week before the deadly magnitude 8 earthquake hit.

Lowry has been talking with her friends every day and says even though the orphanage didn’t collapse, they are sleeping outside in case it does. “A lot of buildings if they were completely collapsed depended on how well they were built. And lucky our orphanage was built pretty well and steady so it didn’t totally collapse.” Lowry plans to go back to Nepal on Wednesday.

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