Tensions Mount With Iran


Tensions heating up between the US and Iran, once again. This time, military warships appear to be preparing for a face-off over the crisis in Yemen. Fox news National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin has more from the Pentagon.

US warships gearing up for what may turn into a military showdown with Iran. Sources here at the Pentagon tell Fox News the USS Theodore Roosevelt is shadowing an Iranian convoy suspected of carrying weapons for the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Officials confirming to Fox, American forces are flying manned reconnaissance missions of the Iranian ships. The Obama administration, however, refuses to publicly acknowledge the Roosevelt was moved to monitor the convoy.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest: “The movement of this particular aircraft carrier would augment the American military presence in the Gulf of Aden and would send a clear signal about our continued insistence about the free flow of commerce and the freedom of movement in the region.”

The US ships are said to be enforcing the UN Security Council arms embargo imposed on the Houthis last week. Tehran remains defiant against accusations it is helping the rebels. Iran’s president calling for a ceasefire to allow a dialogue between the warring sides that can eventually lead to a unity government.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says: “We believe this is a solution that can resolve Yemen’s predicament.”

A Saudi-led coalition pounded Houthi targets in Yemen, with assistance from the US. But late today, Saudi Arabia announced it is ending the operation. These latest tensions come as the US begins another round of nuclear talks with Iran. The deadline for that deal is set for the end of June.

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