With nearly triple the amount of likes as the entire city of Sparta, it’s safe to say the Sparta Police Department Facebook page is an internet sensation.

That is thanks to Sergeant Jason Pipkin and Officer Justin Grones.

“In addition to solving crimes, the relationship with people is the best part of having a page where you interact and it shows we’re human too, we have dorky senses of humor just like everyone else,” said Grones.

For the past three years, the duo has been using their wit to connect with the Sparta community and beyond.

With posts reaching hundreds of thousands, and some even into the millions.

Like a letter from last December to, who Grones affectionately named, Ms. Love Love Love Pants.

“We’ll have ideas that we bounce off of each other, you know ‘hey does this sound stupid or do you think this would go over well’ kind of thing. A lot of it we do on our own though, you just come up with an idea and we’ll post it and I think we both have trust in each other to realize that if he posts something I know it’s going to do well and if I post something I hope it does well,” said Grones.

But for the department of around 20, the posts also help solve crimes.

“The last time we checked eighty something percent?” asked Pipkin.

“Yeah,” replied Grones.

“It’s almost immediately when these posts go out and they reach 100,000 people, almost immediately we’ll start getting the tips. The one we did the other day, and it wasn’t even that good of a picture but somebody recognized the suspect and he was ID’d almost immediately,” said Pipkin.

For Pipkin, who does not even have a personal facebook account, it’s all about being different.

“That line in the sand I think has moved quite a bit through the years don’t you?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” said Grones.

“It keeps going further, we keep on kind of pushing the limits. Stuff that we say now, maybe ten years ago a law enforcement agency wouldn’t dream of it,” said Pipkin.

While running the Facebook page is only a small portion of both of their jobs, it’s one they thoroughly enjoy.

Visit their Facebook page here