This proposed bill could lower the cost of infertility


(WLAX/WEUX) -People living in the Badger State and struggling with infertility could get some help if a proposed bill passes.

The Wisconsin Building Families Act was introduced on Monday by state senator Kelda Roys and state representative Jodi Emerson.

“We know that infertility is a problem that thousands of Wisconsinites struggle from and too often many of them struggle in silence because of the shame and stigma surrounding infertility” Said Roys.

Roys says the goal of the bill is to help provide affordable infertility treatments to couples trying to start a family of their own.

“Our Wisconsin building families act recognizes that infertility is a disease and expands access by removing economic barriers to fertility treatment. It requires health insurance plans to cover infertility treatments and infertility preservation services”

Infertility treatments can cost thousands of dollars.

A cost Collin Hawkins and his ex-wife know all too well

Hawkins said, “The price that it took for us to get our beautiful children that we were so lucky to end up with, was an excess of 65 thousand dollars”

Hawkins says it also took a toll emotionally.

“Those sleepless nights, those really difficult situations where you get baby announcements from friends and family where you want to be so happy for and ends up just with this stinging guilt underlying it because to know it’s one more person who gets to live their dream while you’re desperately trying to just cling to yours”

Emerson says the bill may not do away with the emotional hardships of infertility. But it could help more Wisconsin couples bring their dreams to life.

“The stress and emotional hurt that one goes through while dealing with infertility isn’t something legislation can fix, but we can help by alleviating the financial burden that these people are going through. Choosing when to start a family is one of the most personal decisions a couple can make. For those experiencing infertility issues or for same-sex couples, finance should not get in the way of them wanting to start a family.” Said Emerson.

Emerson says love, not money, should determine what makes a family.

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