Tick Prevention Tips


Warmer temperatures may have you heading for the outdoors, but public health officials are warning of an increase in Lyme Disease carrying ticks. Fox 25/48’s Jessica Bringe reports.

With the promise of summer weather comes outdoor activities

“We’re always out in the yard working.”

But more time outside means a higher risk of getting a tick bite.

“Every season we pick up ticks.”

The Chippewa County Department of Public Health says Lyme Disease carried by deer ticks is one of the main diseases to watch out for.

“I think identification of knowing you got bite by a tick and getting a treatment if you have symptoms is really important because if you don’t get treated and you have Lyme Disease it can go to some secondary health effects that can be very severe.”

Of course, the department says best way to avoid getting Lyme Disease is not to get bit in the first place.

“Make sure people are protecting themselves. When you’re outside in the woods, wear long sleeves, long pants, tuck in your pant and shirt in. There are some kinds of insect repellents you can wear.”

In 2015 Chippewa County Reported 61 confirmed cases of Lyme Diseases in 2016 that number was slightly lower at 49 however public health officials say doctors typically treat and don’t report late stages of Lyme Disease so that number is likely even higher.

“There’s probably a higher number of people that actually have Lyme Disease and we just don’t know about it. Over time I think we’ve gotten better about recognizing the symptoms of Lyme and treating people.”

The department says if you do get bit by a tick, watch for symptoms like fatigue, fever, or arthritis for up to a month.

“If you have some of those things, some flu like symptoms and you know you got bit by a tick in the last month you should go tee your doctor for treatment.”

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