Tomah VA Opens Integrated Wellness Center


This weekend, the Tomah VA will unveil its new Integrative Wellness Center.

The latest change to the campus that focuses on its new whole health initiative.

“We’ve been supported by the VA and by our network to be the hub of whole health. One of 18 flagship sites for whole health across the country. There’s one in every network, one VA in every network across the country, so being a flagship we were given the opportunity to remodel,” said Tomah VA Medical Center Director Victoria Brahm.

The whole health program features non-traditional therapies that work in partnership with traditional treatment for veterans.

At the new Integrative Wellness Center on the Tomah VA campus, it will be used exclusively for whole health programming.

Throughout the entire campus there are around 6,000 veterans that participate in the program in some capacity.

“It’s a big piece but we are not done with our journey. As I said before, we are trying to change our entire 173 acres into this healing, restorative environment for whatever ails you,” said Brahm.

Features that will be included in the Integrative Wellness Center are spaces for yoga, Tai Chi, workout facilities and battlefield acupuncture.

The whole health program was introduced at the Tomah VA in 2018, and officials say the opening of new facilities like this are a sign that the VA is changing.

“Where this hospital has come from, you know, a little more than three years ago to where we are today,” says Brahm. “It’s a different VA.”

There will be a ceremony to celebrate the opening of the center Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at the Tomah VA.

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