SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Many people across the Upstate are having problems in their homes because of burst pipes including a single mother of two that lives at the Hidden Park Apartments.

She said she opened her door on Christmas night to her ceiling gone, along with almost everything she owns.

“I walked in and boom, my whole floor, my walls, everything was destroyed,” said Bria Corry.

Bria Corry has two sons, ages 7 and 9.

“It went over all my kid’s shoes that they have, the clothes I set on the floor in a basket, they’re soaked,” she said.

When they opened their apartment door, she said everyone started crying.

“He was like mama, we’re going to be in the cold, we don’t have nowhere to go. I was like, it’s going to be okay because God always has you,” said Corry.

Corry’s mother said the dire department told them a pipe in their apartment had burst.

“They had to come out the night before and turn off the power, because the wires, the wires and water,” said Monica Corry.

Corry said her floors are frozen and her new home is now ruined.

“I don’t have it to start over, I’m a single mom and I do all of this by myself,” she said.

She said her bed, children’s beds and other items are damaged. Corry said she could only salvage a few items.

“Only thing I could get was a bucket because it had a container on and was sealed in. I couldn’t get anything else,” said Corry. “My TV, I guess it has water damage because it wouldn’t come on.”
Her mother said the family is now looking for resources.

“It’s hard, it’s hard and it’s unfair,” said Monica Corry.

“Pray for me, definitely pray. I mean, I can take all the help I can get,” said Bria Corry.

Sunday night, Corry said she stayed with a friend.

“I’m thinking about getting a room and putting all the money that I have left to get a room for us,” she said.

7NEWS did speak to the property manager, off camera, and they say they’re aware of the issue and are doing what they can to fix it.