Vikings Launch Advertising Lawsuit


The Minnesota Vikings taking their “photobombing” lawsuit against Wells Fargo to federal court. The Vikings say the signs on the roof of the new Wells Fargo towers near US Bank stadium violate their agreement. Fox’s Rob Olson has all the details.

Bagley says: “This is a very simple case. We had an agreement.”

The Vikings lawsuit is simple, that in order to avoid ambush advertising around the new stadium protect the naming rights investment by US Bank. In 2014, they forged a bunch of signage agreements with the neighbors. Wells Fargo, who needed city approval to even put signs on the roof of their new towers next door, signed one of those agreements. An agreement with the Vikings, the Vikings argue, was for simple painted, unlit signs.

Bagley says: “What we agreed to is a flat, painted sign. This was in the agreement spelled out very specifically. What they’ve installed was five foot high elevated signage.”

Wells Fargo began installing the roof signs, which are raised, internally lit letters mounted on I-beams, last month. But had told the Vikings last spring that this was what they intended to do. The Vikings told them then it was a violation of the agreement Wells Fargo’s argument in court is there is nothing in the wording of the agreement prohibiting illumination nothing that prohibits raised lettering the only stipulations are dimensions, which haven’t changed. So by changing the sign, they did not violate the rules.

Statement from Wells Fargo: “We are proud of our 300 million dollar investment in downtown east.  Hope the court will rule in our favor so we can display our roof-top signs as planned.”

The Vikings hope the judge orders them dismantled.

Bagley says: “It’s the principal of the thing. We want our contract to be honored and it’s very simple.”

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