Winter Weather Causing More Potholes


Our vehicles are not the only things that have been impacted by the recent snowfall and cold temperatures.

It is also taking a toll on the roads.

“Moisture getting into a road in any shape, size or form is bad. But once you have the moisture in there and then it freezes and it thaws it really makes everything pop and move and what have you. Hence you get potholes quicker and those type of things start happening,” said La Crosse County Highway Commissioner Ron Chamberlain.

Normally, the La Crosse County Highway Department has a crew or two out patching potholes.

But with the recent stretch of weather, the department has been mainly focusing on clearing the snow and ice.

Officials say when temperatures rise and the snow melts, they expect to see a lot of potholes.

“With a heavy moisture winter, yes I do anticipate that potholes will form more frequently, there may be more of them,” says Chamberlain. “But the bigger issue is that they reoccur, because you don’t have the surface integrity of the asphalt there so it’s easier for the moisture to get underneath the patch.”

Anybody who drives past a pothole is encouraged to call their local street or highway department, to give them a heads up.

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