Wisconsin Delegates Talk DNC

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Vermont senator Bernie Sanders takes the stage tonight at the opening night of the Democratic National Convention. Hundreds lined the streets backing the senator Sunday, some in hopes of a contested convention, others arguing democrats needs to adopt his ideas. Nick Perreault is in Philadelphia and talked with Wisconsin delegates who aren’t worried about a disturbance in the party.

“Our speakers are going to take the stage and going to speak about Secretary Clinton and senator Sanders, compared with the republicans. Whereas you have Ted Cruz not even endorsing Donald Trump.”

At-large delegate Jason Rae, says he’s not at all concerned, Sunday’s march to have a Bernie Sanders ticket at the last minute will become a reality.

“Coming out of the roll call vote, Secretary Clinton is going to be our nominee.”

Rae says the question of unity, shouldn’t be a question for democrats.

“The republican convention was filled with fear and you’re going to hear from democrats about hope and optimism for this country and the things that we’re going to do together.”

“Bernie Sanders has brought a lot of new people to the party, and so young people, people who haven’t been engaged in politics in the past, which is a wonderful thing, it’s really an important step for the Democratic Party.”

From helping the middle class with a proposed hike in minimum wage, enhancing healthcare and tackling student debt, Brown County democratic chair Mary Ginnebaugh says democrats have a solid platform and are energized thanks to Bernie.

“Now we have a forum to bring them forward and an energized democratic party to make it happen.”

Ginnebaugh doesn’t expect any surprises in senator Sanders’ speech tonight. The senator’s also scheduled to speak with Wisconsin delegation at a morning breakfast tomorrow, but both Ginnebaugh and Rae believe Bernie is here to help.

In Philadelphia, I’m Nick Perreault reporting for your local election headquarters.

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