Wisconsin Leaders Discuss School Safety Plan


Governor Scott Walker stopped in western Wisconsin along with the lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch and attorney general, Brad Schimel Monday to talk about his school safety plan.

Fox 25/48’s Zach Prelutsky explains.

Monday some of the most powerful leaders in the state of Wisconsin traveled together to discuss governor Walker’s school safety plan.

The governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general stopped at three different schools in western and northern Wisconsin.

“We’ve identified bills that can get quick consensus that can-do things that would immediately help to make our schools less attractive targets and less vulnerable targets.  That’s our goal here,” Schimel said.

The $100 million plan is comprised of seven main components,which include mandatory reporting of any threats, training for trauma informed care and strengthening school safety plans among others.

But Democrats around the state say the plan fails to address a key issue.

A statement from State Senator Jennifer Shilling said:

“For a plan that is supposed to be about gun safety, I don’t see anything in here that will keep deadly firearms out of the wrong hands. This plan doesn’t strengthen our background check system, it doesn’t give schools the flexibility to improve safety and it doesn’t stop domestic abusers from getting their hands on deadly firearms.”

“To me, my focus is that if we just limit it to one area, we’re ignoring that there are much greater threats than just firearms, there are other weapons, there are explosives, there are other things that are a threat that may not be as obvious,” Walker said. “But every single day school districts across the state have to deal with those and we want to make sure that we gave them grants that weren’t specific to one specific threat.”

Some parents, who did not wish to speak on camera said the plan is a start, but they want more measures that deal with mental health and guns.

The plan is expected to be voted by the legislature in a special session.

Governor Walker hopes to have a signing ceremony for the plan by the end of this week.

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