ALTOONA Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Early Sunday morning, 29-year-old Jonathan Peacock was found dead in a hit and run crash. 35-year-old Brendan Barkovich was charged with hit and run resulting in a death and possession of cocaine as a party to a crime.

He was given a cash bond of 100 thousand dollars. Peacock’s family was at court yesterday, and say they are struggling with the loss. 

“Very loving, kind, big hearted guy. Do anything for you, really missed.”

Police say Jonathan Peacock was walking on westbound Highway 12 between McCann Drive and 10th Street West in Altoona around 3:30 am Sunday when he was hit by a vehicle. A path Peacock’s father says Jonathan took often.

“He always went walking. He’s probably walked that road a thousand times and he always carried his flashlight. And the cop told me he had his flashlight when he was here.”

Police say a person reported finding Peacock’s body on the side of the road around 5:15 am with debris from a vehicle and personal items scattered nearby. Brendan Barkovich and one of his family members went to the Altoona Police Department several hours later to report the crash.

The complaint says Barkovich told investigators he knew he hit something, but thought it was a deer and drove home. He says he says he was drinking before the crash, but he wasn’t drunk.

Police went to Barkovich’s home in Eau Claire and saw a 2017 Ford Explorer with significant damage to the hood, windshield, headlight and fender. Police found blood on the windshield and collected samples as evidence.

Peacock: “I mean, you took somebody’s life and you just treated it like, oh, it’s nothing. I drive away. You shouldn’t be released at all till you go to trial for it.”

The court set Barkovich’s bond at 100-thousand dollars cash.

Peter Rindal: “But his voluntary surrender to police, I do not believe changes the established risk of failing to appear, which is inherent in his conduct in this matter.”

Peacock’s father says his son was loved by many people.

“I’d like to say he’s going to be missed in a lot of people’s lives. He had a very big, big heart would do anything for you.”

Barkovich is expected back in court on august 9th for a preliminary hearing.