Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Rising inflation in the US has been felt in many ways including higher food prices. It’s impacting many people.

Trips to the grocery store have gotten more expensive, and those prices are being felt in a variety of places, like local food pantries.

“All the price increases that you’re seeing at the grocery store Feed My People is also experiencing. We’ve definitely had to purchase a lot more groceries than we had to a couple of years ago even, and certainly in the last few months for purchasing even more than ever before.”

Feed My People is purchasing more food because they say the need has gone up.

“82% of our agencies across the region reported that they’re seeing more people come in through their doors. And also at our pop-up distributions, we’re seeing more families come through, but it’s not continuing to increase. It’s definitely plateaued, but it’s higher than it ever was and definitely higher than it was a year ago.”

That’s also true for the Community Table, who says they’ve been serving more people. September is Hunger Action Month, which serves as a time to take steps to fight food insecurity in communities. Feed My People staff say there’s no better time to help serve the community.