Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – In the beautiful driftless area of Wisconsin, Lake Redstone sparkles as a stunning gem in the region’s landscape. With its own captivating waterfall, this stunning lake has been a destination for enjoyment since its development in the 1960s. Offering a ton of recreational opportunities such as fishing, boating, and swimming, Lake Redstone is the Wisconsin escape, particularly on warm summer days.

Located in the northwestern part of Sauk County, Lake Redstone lies seven miles from Reedsburg and a short three-mile distance from La Valle. The lake finds its place within the Driftless Area, a rugged terrain that escaped the sweeping glacial forces of the past. Fun fact is that Lake Redstone did not always exist; it was once a marshy valley that caused several challenges for farming. However, a developer named Ike Isaacson saw the potential and proposed transforming the area into a lake. His idea struck with many, and soon hundreds of people purchased home sites, marking the beginning of a stunning lake community.

The development of Lake Redstone was a massive project, involving the removal of approximately 10,000 trees and the construction of a dam on Big Creek. Commencing in 1964, the project reached completion two years later. Transformed from farmland into a serene haven, Lake Redstone has provided a joyous escape retreat for over six decades.

Additionally, a delightful park situated on the lake’s south side offers a charming spot for relaxation and leisurely picnics. With its beauty, Lake Redstone continues to wow the hearts of all who visit.

To discover more about Lake Redstone and its wonders, the state Department of Natural Resources website offers more information. Additionally, for those seeking other exciting destinations for outdoor activities in Wisconsin, a comprehensive list can be found on the OnlyInYourState website.

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