Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Millions of dollars are coming to the state this year to help fight the opioid epidemic as part of a settlement with the ‘National Prescription Opiate Litigation.’ The Wisconsin Department of Health Services expects to get up to 31 million dollars from that settlement this year.

Right now, the plan is to divide it into three phases: tackle immediate needs, increase access to services around the state, and invest in long term projects.

Some of those dollars could go toward distributing fentanyl test strips. There’s also money dedicated for family support centers and a k-12 curriculum for substance use prevention. 

“Once the legislature’s joint committee on finance approves our plan, we can begin to get these funds out into communities across Wisconsin right away, and we can save lives now.”

The Department of Justice is working on two other agreements with opioid manufacturers. Combined, they could result in more than 6 billion dollars going to states around the nation helping them fight the opioid epidemic.