Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – After at least six major incidents at US airports this year, the Federal Aviation Administration hosted a safety summit.

A video simulation shows a close call last month in Austin, Texas when a Fed-Ex cargo plane almost landed on the same runway that a southwest passenger jet was waiting to take off.

Also last month in New Jersey, a United plane clipped another plane’s wing on the tarmac. In January, a computer glitch caused the first nationwide ground stop since 9-11.

After multiple close calls this year alone, just outside Washington, DC where there was another near-miss last week between planes at Reagan National Airport, the Transportation Secretary met with industry leaders at an air safety summit.

“Aviation has to be about safety first and moving people and goods within that safety first frame.”

Increasing the strain on the system; the surge in travelers since the pandemic, plus a wave of new employees at the airlines.

“Change and fresh faces are not new for regional aviation.”

The group has promised to continue discussions on how to improve safety as quickly as possible, but the head of the National Transportation Safety Board says just talking isn’t enough.

“The NTSB has issued seven recommendations on runway collisions that have not been acted upon. One is 23 years old and still appropriate today. How many times are we going to have to issue the same recommendations, over and over and over again?”

The aviation leaders said congress needs to increase funding for their industry in order to help modernize it and keep up with demand.