MADISON, Wis.—Today, more than 100 outstanding undergraduate student researchers from across the University of Wisconsin System, together with their faculty advisers, shared their research findings with state legislators, state leaders, UW alumni, and other supporters at the UW System’s 19th annual Research in the Rotunda event in the State Capitol.

“Championing the undergraduate research of our students is a key part of the UW System 2023–28 Strategic Plan,” said UW System President Jay Rothman. “We know that student research and other high-impact practices not only enhance the education we are providing but also create better job opportunities. It’s why at each of our universities increasing participation in these activities is a student success measure. The work seen here today showcases some of these successes.” 

The innovative undergraduate research focused on a variety of important topics, from “Land Use and Conservation Practices Affect Stream Water Quality in the Red Cedar” to “Impact of Anti-Icing on the Durability of Concrete Infrastructure” to “E-Cigarette Use Patterns among Young Adults between Rural and Urban Areas Over Time.”

The University of Wisconsin System is a national leader in undergraduate research, which contributes to the state’s priorities, including retention, graduation rates, workforce, and economic development.

Research in the Rotunda is a celebration of undergraduate research, which has the potential to inform public policy while leading to greater graduation rates and preparing students for employment.

To learn about student research projects in your area, view the full program online.