Wisconsin Recount Nears Completion


Wisconsin’s presidential election recount is nearly complete. The recount effort in Eau Claire County wrapped up sooner than expected. It ended just before noon today at the Town of Washington town hall.

The State Elections Commission reported Thursday that more than 82 percent of the vote had been counted by the close of business on Wednesday and that democrat Hillary Clinton had gained just 61 votes on republican Donald Trump.

President-elect Trump won the state by more than 22,000 votes.

Eau Claire County says the differences were minor mistakes that voters made when marking their ballots.

“If they did not connect the arrow it did not count for that candidate but then they may have made another indication that clearly identified them as their choice so in a hand count then you did count it for that candidate.”

Eau Claire County will now report the final numbers to the state elections commission. Forty two of the state’s 72 counties have completed the recount.

The deadline for them to finish was Monday before the state certifies the vote on Tuesday.

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