The trial for a West Salem man charged with 1st degree intentional homicide saw its first witnesses take the stand today. Fox 25/48’s Zach Prelutsky was at the courthouse covering all of today’s proceedings.

Testimony is underway in the trial of Todd Kendhammer at the La Crosse County Circuit Court. After the jury visited the scene, both the defense and the state made their opening statements before the state began presenting its case.

The first three witnesses the state called all responded to the scene — West Salem police officer Lance Loeffelholz, medical transporter Brandon Hauser, and Adam Wickland who worked for the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department at the time.

“When you walked towards the car what did you see?”

“I saw a female on the ground with a male at the feet of the female.”

“The man at the feet, was he standing, kneeling, sitting?”

“He was in a crouched position.”

“Was he performing CPR at that time?”

“He was not.”

The state finished the day by calling one more witness, Cpt. John Zimmerman from the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Dept., who was the lead investigator of the case.

Tuesday’s testimony focused mainly on what the witnesses at the scene, observed with the car, the pipe and Kendhammer demeanor and state of mind as well as how evidence was collected.

“I had a new tarp in my vehicle that I covered the pipe with and come time to collect it, paper bags where collected on each end of the pipe so I can handle it properly and it was transported to the sheriff’s department.”

Trial will resume Wednesday morning at 8:30, when the state will continue to call witnesses. The trial is expected to last about two weeks.