Tonight, our story is about Doctor Kyla Lee, a dedicated medical professional and educational mentor, who goes above and beyond to help and inspire those around her. 

“My name is Emiliene and I have known Kyla for almost a decade. She was an advocate for basically saving my life. I felt like I was dying on many different levels, and I didn’t get any answers in the medical field not only was she a friend to comfort me and listen to me, but she also got me in all the right directions I needed to heal. And I told her the best medicine that someone can give you is to listen and to care and she does that.”

Kyla Lee:

“Life is great, and life is hard. It’s hard to be sad, it’s hard to be sick, it’s hard to be new at learning something and that’s even harder when you’re alone in that journey. So, if I can walk with people in their health journey or if I can’t cure them, in their healing journey or in their new educational journey with all these scary things, then that’s really what I wanted to do with my life.”


“For most of us, the first time we meet Doctor Lee is the first day of acute care orientation. She just always goes above and beyond so I think, like, core to her, is taking care of her patients and teaching her students and I think her passion for those two things really comes through each and every day. She just leads by example; she’s this driving force of positivity and empathy for all of her students and patients and it’s really something special.”

Hassan Zagloul:

“Personally, I think Doctor Lee has shown me that my educators and my mentors can really care for me outside of just my education. I think that’s something that many medical students have found to be very lacking and the number one complaint. And she has shown that she’s going to be there to help you out, she’ll check in on you, she’ll bring you medicine if you’re sick, she’ll take you to a dentist appointment if your car breaks down. She goes out of her way to show that she cares and that’s kind of what I’ve always appreciated.”

Sonam Dolma:

“I think it’s very rare as a teacher to be able to cater to so many different types of students and so many different types of learning styles. At this point in our teaching, we don’t even expect our teachers to, you know, accommodate us in such a way that Doctor Lee does. So, I think it’s been a fantastic surprise and it kind of makes you realize, okay, the difference that a good teacher can make, the difference that a good role model can make.”

Kyla lee

“I couldn’t see myself as remarkable, but I could see it as the people around me have allowed me to live a remarkable life. Where I can be at a hospital that allows me to be the person, physician, and teacher that I had hoped to be and that is the remarkable part.”