Brooke Kaldor nominated by Shannon Camlek. These are her words:

Brooke Kaldor doesn’t wear a cape, a fitted nylon suit, or have magic powers, but she is a super hero with a generous heart and larger than life spirit. Her “super powers” allow her to connect with children, families, community and staff. Brooke is a middle school counselor–a formidable job in its own right–there is no shortage of drama and problems large and small with tweens and teenagers. She listens, she problem solves, and she teaches. A positive force and role model Super Kaldor protects and serves the Altoona Middle School children, staff and community.

During the day you can count on her to step in during a crisis, laughing with students during lunch bunch or celebrate student successes at an assembly. Brooke coaches cross country, partners with Girls on the Run as a one on one mentor, coordinates the “Care Closet” a free store for community members, participates in county outreach programs: foster care, grandparent as caretakers, substance abuse/rehab offerings, and fundraising events for students, staff and parents in need. When a family whose four children attend the district called in a crisis situation, it was the Kaldors who provided care for weeks while the mother underwent life saving surgery in another state. She opened up her house and her heart. That is what she does, not for glory or recognition but because it is right and just.

Like the energizer bunny she is on the move. She designed her own guidance curriculum and teaches in classrooms lessons about respect, bullying, self-esteem and resilience. However, her most important lessons feature tools and strategies to overcome struggles, be more productive, and understand that we all need each other. She leads by example and finds value in every person she encounters. On her own time she has connected students with the community by taking groups of kids to play Bingo at the nursing home, forming teams of “snow angels” who shovel snow for the elderly and disabled, and coordinating blood drives and a community kick-ball tournament involving other school districts as a benefit for teachers with cancer. On weekends she can be found in students’ homes, churches, and community events as an honored guest. From baptisms, weddings, family court, 5K races, sports and graduations, everybody wants her to share in their proudest moments.

Little things like finding time to braid a little girl’s hair after the girl’s mother died, delivering meals to families, or bringing dog treats to a child that got her 1st puppy certainly add up to big, positive things; however, it is her steady force and gentle demeanor which seems ever present to listen to kids problems, joys, and successes where Super Kaldor shines bright.

Above all, Mrs. Kaldor is a life saver–one child, one family, one student, one teacher, one community at a time. Superhero–super human!

Shannon Camlek, on Brooke Kaldor