EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – March is women’s history month. To celebrate, First News at Nine is proud to present Remarkable Women. Each week in March, we’ll be recognizing local women who have made remarkable contributions to their communities. Every Tuesday, we’ll share a story highlighting one of four women who inspire, lead, and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

This week, our story is about Laura Berndt, an Eau Claire, Wisconsin woman who started a non-profit network of practitioners dedicated to the health and wellness of the community.

Chris Edwards of Stucky Chiropractic said, “Laura and I have known each other quite a few years. We first met through a business networking group we are apart of. Then we started looking at what ways we could collaborate with other healthcare practitioners that did natural health care and start talking about how we can coach read patients together and do a better job taking care of the patients we do have.”

Edwards said, “Starting how to look at how do we educate people to take better care of themselves over time and how can we do it together and work as a team to treat people better and give them better health in the process. Despite overwhelming odds at times, you can come back from incredible adversity and still do amazing things.”

“Hi, my name is Laura Berndt, I am the mother of four, I am the founder of Evolving Wellness, also a massage therapist, and a survivor of leukemia. During those hospital stays, that’s where Evolving Wellness came together. Where are these services and what do I need, like what do I need? Because there is so much information out there, and I kept thinking to myself, “wow wouldn’t it be nice if there was a wellness hub”, a hub where you can find the resources, find the information, the practitioners; you know everything at your fingertips,” said Berndt.

“I knew that when I got home, I had to go on this mission to bring this to life. Because there are so many people that are slipping through the cracks in healthcare, but also finding the services because that is a huge piece. So, we can actually create heartfelt programs, and then work on funding and grants to actually get these programs started and off the ground,” said Berndt.

“So, we keep expanding our services. We do offer chiropractic, massage, music therapy, art therapy, yoga, we have different energy workers. Right now, there’s no cost to the family to do the program. And that’s a true blessing because many of these families are tapped out, they’ve spent a lot of money on different areas,” said Berndt.

“I just want to see a person get the care they need. Wellness to me is not just my body, but it is the whole thing. Body, mind, and spirit truly. I don’t think we can be well if we are ignoring one piece to the puzzle and it shouldn’t be about ‘us and them’. If we all come together, to take care of one another, like wow what can happen,” said Berndt.