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Tami Plourde nominated by Renee Chrz. These are her words:

I would like to nominate Tami Plourde of La Crosse. Tami is a friend, woman, parent, business owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist, life-changer…she truly is an inspiration and role model, not only for girls and woman, but for anyone wanting to create change. Tami is part owner of Pearl Street Brewery, On Three Printing, and the nonprofit, Sprout Foundation.

Tami’s dedication to excellence is evident in everything she does and every life she touches. She is about people and changing lives. She instills values through her actions, her words and by example, she lives truth and inspires people, she is a true leader. She hears of an individual or a cause in need and finds a way to help them no matter what she has going on in her own life.

Her life began in an orphanage in Korea, unaware of her true age-left by her biological parents, adopted in America. Even with that difficult start, she never let that change how she lives-she is motivated, determined and excels at everything she does…Athletics, academics, pursuit of excellence in earning a degree, building a business, learning from failure and loss, picking herself up and having the drive to succeed and finding a way to excel even if it’s in something that isn’t typically seen as a woman’s profession-showing women and girls alike, that anything is possible if only they let themselves dream and fight for what they want.

Tami has always been a food-lover and, from her travels she gained an affinity for World cuisine. In 2002 she single-handedly raised $100,000, took her love for food and her years of restaurant experience and opened her own restaurant on Pearl Street in La Crosse. “Hups” served quick-order World Cuisine. After a couple years of running Hups, she dissolved the company and joined Joe Katchever in his business, the Pearl Street Brewery. Together, they built the company up from 400 barrels of production to over 5000 barrels by 2017. Tami helped to steer the brewery from a local favorite to a company distributing beer in three states. Today, you can find Pearl Street beer from Ashland to Milwaukee, in Minnesota and Iowa.

Tami co-founded On Three Printing and Design in 2013. On Three does creative work and graphic design for small businesses and local organizations. Later that year, Tami and Joe founded the Sprout for Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps local women and families. Through the Sprout for Kids foundation, they have raised over $100,000 and supported local community. The Foundation regularly supports local organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Mississippi Mayhem Women’s Roller Derby, the Elementary school “Grow La Crosse” program, Habitat for Humanity, the Boys and Girls Club, the Local Lupus Alliance as well as supporting local families and individuals who need help. She and her partner Joe have also raised a large portion of the funds to help build the band shelter in La Crosse’s Riverside Park. She has created go fund me pages to help individuals in need, she helps feed homeless through various programs she has created. She is always looking for ways she can improve or help the people of our community.

Tami is a member of the Pink Boots Society, a non-profit organization with international membership that supports women working in the brewing profession, especially in creating craft beer. Tami regularly travels around the State as a guest speaker for the Wisconsin Humanities Council, making presentations on Women’s roles in a male dominated industry.

Tami and Joe were chosen by the national trade organization, the Brewer’s Association (Boulder, CO) to represent the brewers from Wisconsin and travel to Washington DC to present an award to Congressman Kind for his work on the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act.

Please consider honoring her as the Remarkable Woman we all know she is!!

Renee Chrz, on Tami Plourde

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