ONALASKA, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – March is Women’s History Month.  To celebrate, First News at Nine is proud to present Remarkable Women.  Each week in March, we’ll be recognizing local women who have made remarkable contributions in their communities. Every Tuesday, we’ll share a story highlighting one of four women who inspire, lead, and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Tonight, our story is about Tiffany Manix an Onalaska woman who’s helped get her family through some incredible circumstances.

Adam Manix, Tiffany’s husband, said, “We met actually, when were late teens. She was different than I had met. You know and I wasn’t- -obviously I didn’t know what would become a marriage and everything else, until maybe the second time I met her.”

Tiffany Manix said, “I think I was a little bit, over the top when we first met. And I honestly thought he would never speak to me again. But, he did.”

“What inspired me to nominate Tiffany would be the 16 years we’ve been together. Not only the last few years have been extremely hard but just everything that she has always been about. Bringing the best out of people and putting herself last. That is completely, genuine her,” said Adam.

“In 2017 my best friend, which also was my cousin, passed away from breast cancer,” said Tiffany.

“My favorite memory of her is probably everything.  Her and Adam were like two peas in a pod. She called him her twin, because they were so alike. Deciding that we would take her children after she passed away – honestly I didn’t think twice. Just because I would want someone I trusted to offer that too, if I was in that situation,” said Tiffany.

“A couple months after my cousin passed, my in-laws suddenly passed away. So, we also have also have guardianship of, she would technically be my sister in law, but she’s sixteen now. So, she also lives with us.”

Adam said, “We unexpectedly became parents of a teen, a little sooner than we thought. So that was something to learn as well. I mean everything’s been learning. Because you know we had our three kids and then two more came into the home, different ages and just kind of binding everything together, it’s all her.”

“I’ve always wanted to be mom so I have everything I need, in our house,” said Tiffany.

Adam said, “She is a strong woman. No doubt about it. And without her, I don’t know where I would be in life. Or how the kids would be adapting. Because they all are really good kids and that’s all her.”