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Which baby car mirrors are best?

While driving is generally a stress-free activity, it can become anxiety-inducing once a baby is involved. Other than hopping in the back, using rear-facing car seats for as long as possible is the safest option. 

However, frequently craning your neck to check on your baby can be challenging and even dangerous. Fortunately, baby car mirrors provide an excellent solution. The best products like the So Peep Baby Car Mirror offer parents a crystal clear glance of their baby for peace of mind and a safe driving experience. 

What to know before you buy baby car mirrors

Mirror positioning

The best mirror positioning depends on your driving style and the type of headrests your car has. For rear-facing seats, baby car mirrors are generally best positioned on the rear center or passenger headrest so that you can see their reflection from your rearview mirror. 

Some mirrors use securing methods like suction cups, but this can present choking hazards if they successfully pull it off. The best ones can securely attach to a headrest at an unreachable distance.

Quality of view

Lower-quality baby car mirrors can sometimes create a warped or blurry view. That’s certainly not something you need when you depend on the product to monitor your baby quickly. 

It’s important to note that while some have the same design, they’re not all created equal. For example, consider mirrors that employ convex designs for a full-body view. One might offer a crystal clear reflection, while another reflects something you’d pay to see at a Halloween funhouse. 

The last thing you want is to have a mini-heart attack when you look up and suddenly see a distorted reflection of your baby who’s peacefully sleeping and living their best life. 

It can be wise to purchase a mirror from a reputable seller with a decent return policy or to check the reviews for the quality of view before purchasing. If all else fails, another costly and potentially more distracting option is to hook up one of the best video baby monitors

Easy installation

Generally, anything that’s easier to install means there’s less room for installation errors. This is important when it involves a product that can potentially fall and cause injury. The best baby car mirrors install within a couple of minutes using adjustable straps. 

Due to road vibrations and movements, it’s natural for mirrors to loosen after some use. You want one that’s easy to install, so you can tighten and secure it quickly and without frustration. 

What to look for in a quality baby car mirror

Secure attachments

While it would be nice to have a baby car mirror that comes pre-attached to a headrest for the most security, it’s highly unlikely that’ll happen any time soon. 

The safest option is up to the parent’s judgment, but straps that intersect and connect with clips or durable Velcro to the headrest are typically the next most secure option. As an extra layer of security, tying down a few additional bands and clips Macgyver style never hurts. 

Simple and safe

It’s safe to assume that parents want to take every possible measure to keep a smile on their baby’s face and to keep an eye on them. However, it’s best to avoid mirrors fitted with extras like LED lights, toys and music.

They add unnecessary weight, which will require more frequent readjusting and can cause more harm in the event of an accident. With baby car mirrors, simplicity is the best design. 


Choosing a shatterproof mirror is the obvious choice for safety reasons. When you’re in an inherently risky situation like a car ride with your baby, you want to ensure there’s one less thing that’ll shatter on impact. Fortunately, a vast majority of manufacturers conduct their own crash testing to ensure a safe, quality product.

However, because the lightweight material is made from plastic or acrylic, it risks a distorted or blurry reflection. As stated earlier, confirming previous buyer reviews will give you the best idea of the quality of view before purchasing. 

How much you can expect to spend on baby car mirrors

Depending on the size and brand, you can expect to spend between $15-$30 on a quality baby car mirror. 

Baby car mirrors FAQ

How safe are baby care mirrors?

A. As long as it’s properly fastened, it’s unlikely to detach in the event of a bad accident. However, it is still a possibility. In addition to constantly checking and tightening the straps, parents can use mirrors that are shatterproof and have soft, rounded edges. 

Are baby car mirrors necessary?

A. Baby car mirrors aren’t necessarily a requirement, and they can become a distraction. However, seeing your face in the reflection can provide them comfort and give you the peace of mind that they’re safe in the back seat. 

What’s the best baby car mirror to buy?

Top baby car mirror

So Peep Baby Car Mirror

So Peep Baby Car Mirror

What you need to know: This adjustable mirror is large enough for a full, clear view of the back seat. 

What you’ll love: It’s shatterproof, and the distortion-free acrylic glass pivots in several directions. The heftier weight gives it a sense of stability, and it features two straps to anchor it in place. 

What you should consider: It requires headrests that can move up and down. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baby car mirror for the money

Shynerk SH-M-02 Baby Car Mirror

Shynerk SH-M-02 Baby Car Mirror

What you need to know: If you want a budget-friendly baby car mirror, this one is a great option and comes with a lifetime warranty.

What you’ll love: The convex design allows parents to have a full view of their baby with a quick glance. It’s adaptable to any headrest and fits most vehicles. You can anchor it securely in a matter of seconds with the horizontal and vertical nylon straps. 

What you should consider: There may be some glare since it’s such a large mirror. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Brica Baby In-Sight Car Mirror

Brica Baby In-Sight Car Mirror

What you need to know: This is one of the most versatile baby car mirrors available, so you can use it with nearly any car. It’s also been crash tested to ensure safety.

What you’ll love: It attaches to both movable and fixed headrests, as well as center back seats. The large shatterproof convex mirror provides a distortion-free reflection and a wide-angle view. 

What you should consider: Although it’s versatile, this baby car mirror can’t pivot. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

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