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Which portable bidets are best?

Once a feature in bathrooms of the rich and famous, bidets have become a trendy and affordable form of personal hygiene. Originally available as a built-in function on high-end toilets, bidets can now be purchased as a separate attachment. Taking this feature a step further, makers of quality bidets have now created portable, on-the-go options for use anywhere. 

One excellent portable bidet is the TUSHY Travel. This compact portable bidet is collapsible, doesn’t require USB charging and has a three-point spout with a hinged nozzle.

What to know before you buy a portable bidet

Manual vs. USB

Portable bidets are available in both manual squeeze and rechargeable battery-powered options. Rather than one option being superior to another, the choice ultimately depends on personal preference. 

Manual portable bidets are operated by squeezing the bottle to dispense water. Bidet bottles don’t require much effort to begin spraying the water. One advantage to this design is that it can be operated quietly. It’s also easier to stop and start the flow of water with a squeezable portable bidet. However, some individuals don’t like this design since it requires more work than a traditional bidet toilet or attachment. 

Similar to standard bidet attachments, USB rechargeable portable bidets operate automatically with the push of a button. These models can be used effortlessly and provide a more continuous and consistent flow of water. Because these models are battery-operated, the noise produced by rechargeable portable bidets can be too conspicuous for public use.


Another major factor to consider when purchasing a portable bidet is price. Budget-friendly manual styles can be purchased for as low as $8. Inexpensive options are fantastic for individuals who plan to use their portable bidet on select occasions, such as camping or during a vacation.

However, those who plan on using their portable bidet often (at least several times per week) should consider investing in a higher-quality device designed for frequent use. There are both durable squeeze bidet bottles and battery-powered selections available.


Although there isn’t a vast difference in sizes between models, it’s important to select a portable bidet that’s sized appropriately for its intended use. Individuals who plan to carry their bidet in a purse or another compact bag should compare measurements to ensure that it fits. Some styles may be too long or bulky for smaller bags.

What to look for in a quality portable bidet


While portable bidets are rising rapidly in popularity, most people still want to be discreet about carrying one around. Quality portable bidet brands recognize this and provide an easy way to conceal your device. Some of the best companies include a portable bidet bag that’s nondescript and convenient to carry.

Sufficient pressure

Hands-down one of the most important features in both traditional and portable bidets is sufficient pressure. Since the object of a bidet is to deliver a thorough cleaning, it needs to release a decent spray. Quality portable bidets feature designs that produce a steady, pressurized spray through an adjustable nozzle. Although it may seem counterintuitive, both manual and rechargeable models can have issues with pressure control. No matter which option is selected, a well-made portable bidet should produce the needed water pressure to deliver impeccable cleanliness.


Portable bidets come in a wide range of styles. From bright colors to unique designs, select one that suits all preferences. This factor is especially important when considering the actual use of the portable bidet. Ensure that the design is something that feels comfortable to hold and that it can be angled to provide maximum cleaning with each use. 

How much you can expect to spend on a portable bidet

Portable bidets can range anywhere from $8-$70. Manual options are less expensive than those that have a USB charging feature.

Portable bidet FAQ

Is it better to purchase a manual or rechargeable portable bidet?

A. The portable bidet option that you select should be based upon your individual preferences. There are high-quality options in both categories, so one style isn’t superior to the other.

Do you still need toilet paper when using a portable bidet?

A. Oftentimes, yes. Unlike some toilet-based models, there isn’t a drying feature available on today’s models of portable bidets. However, the primary advantage of having a portable bidet is to experience a much higher degree of cleanliness while significantly reducing toilet paper usage.

What’s the best portable bidet to buy?

Top portable bidet

TUSHY Travel

TUSHY Travel

What you need to know: The TUSHY Travel squeezable portable bidet delivers an exceptional cleaning experience without the need for batteries or charging.

What you’ll love: This model is ultra-portable and comes in four colors. Its accordion fold makes it easy to expand during use and then collapse for storage. The hinged nozzle with a three-point spout provides excellent reach and cleaning. Tushy Travel also has a strong spray stream.

What you should consider: At $29, this is one of the most expensive manual portable bidets on the market.

Where to buy: Sold by TUSHY

Top portable bidet for the money

Happy Bottom Portable Bidet

Happy Bottom Portable Bidet

What you need to know: The extendable nozzle on the Happy Bottom Portable Bidet delivers an incredibly thorough cleaning experience with every use.

What you’ll love: Priced at just $16.95, this manual portable bidet provides outstanding quality for an amazing value. The design looks exactly like a standard water bottle, which makes it discreet to carry around. It has a long extendable nozzle for added reach and a steady water spray. 

What you should consider: This model is too large to carry in smaller purses or bags, and it can’t be folded up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BLAUX Electric Rechargeable Portable Bidet

BLAUX Electric Rechargeable Portable Bidet

What you need to know: The BLAUX Electric Portable Bidet is a USB rechargeable portable bidet with two water pressure levels and a myriad of other desirable features.

What you’ll love: After charging the device for 2 hours, it can be used up to 100 times. It has an adjustable arm, replaceable nozzle and two water pressure settings. Its nondescript design makes it impossible to tell that it’s a portable bidet.

What you should consider: Among all styles, this portable bidet is one of the most expensive available.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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