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Which soccer uniforms are best?

Soccer uniforms are a necessary part of soccer, but they can also be a fashion statement. Replica soccer jerseys can be worn to show support for your favorite team or just because you like the color or style. However, custom jerseys and uniforms can personalize your or your team’s look. They can be used for official matches and practice or also worn as an individual fashion statement. If you’re looking for a custom uniform, have a look at the Laifu: Custom Soccer Uniform For Adults And Kids.

What to know before you buy soccer uniforms

A soccer uniform is completed with a good pair of soccer cleats. When buying soccer uniforms for your team, it’s important to remember that some uniforms don’t come with socks, and they will need to be purchased separately. These Adidas socks are a good deal and come in several colors. Let’s look at some other considerations.  

Game vs. practice

Suppose you are the coach buying soccer uniforms for multiple players. In that case, an important consideration is whether you need them for games or practice. Of course, if they are for games, all the uniforms must be the same color, other than the goalie’s one. It doesn’t make much sense to buy them all the same color for practice because the players will need to be split into smaller teams. A more practical option, in this case, would be training vests. These will save money and prevent there being so many wash days.


The soccer team needs to have its official first-choice color. This would be the color that you usually wear whenever possible. Most teams have a second-choice kit of a very different color. This is for when you play another team that wears the same color as your team. Remember that the goalie kit always has to be a distinguishable color from both teams and the match officials.

Name and number

You can put names and player numbers on customizable soccer uniforms. Some even give the opportunity to have your team’s logo on the jerseys. This is an excellent option to personalize your fashion accessory or make your soccer team’s lineup more official-looking.

The goalie 

Aside from color, it should be remembered that the goalie jersey has other differences. It should feature extra padding in the elbows and knees, and they often wear protective, stretchy pants rather than shorts. Remember, when making a custom goalie uniform, the first-choice goalkeeper number is always number one. 

What to look for in quality soccer uniforms


Soccer uniforms are made from synthetic materials like breathable and lightweight polyester. Cotton is not suitable at all for soccer and should be avoided. This is especially important for socks. Cotton soccer socks will inevitably cause blisters due to poor moisture-wicking and breathability.


Of course, every soccer team wants to look great when they play. Allowing the players to choose their uniform style and color collectively will be great for team morale. It is vital for goalkeepers to be happy with the style and color of their uniforms because they are alone in what they wear and stand out from the other players.

How much you can expect to spend on soccer uniforms

Each individual soccer uniform will cost from $20-$40. Customizing the jersey may add a few more dollars. Some uniforms will include socks already; some will be separate. This may add around $5-$10 extra per pair. Official replica uniforms of your favorite team will likely cost considerably more.

Soccer uniforms FAQ

How do I wash a team’s soccer uniforms?

A. As soccer uniforms are usually made from polyester, the number one rule is no heat. Presoak the uniforms in warm water overnight (or at least for one hour) with two tablespoons of detergent and a cup of baking soda. Following this, machine-wash separately from other laundry and air-dry. 

How can I order the correct sizes for a whole squad of players?

A. Custom-made uniforms with names and numbers added likely won’t be refundable. You must obtain the players’ accurate height and weight measurements before consulting the seller’s size chart. Uniforms that are not custom-made may have different sizing methods. These should be returnable if the sizing is off. Read product descriptions and customer reviews carefully before making a decision.

What are the best soccer uniforms to buy?

Top soccer uniform

Laifu: Custom Soccer Uniform For Adults And Kids

Laifu: Custom Soccer Uniform For Adults And Kids

What you need to know: Personalize your adult’s, kid’s or team’s uniform with names, numbers and team logo.

What you’ll love: These stylish and breathable quick-drying uniforms come in five great color schemes. Customize the uniforms online, then consult the sizing chart and choose according to height and weight. Add any socks or shin pads needed when customizing to complete.

What you should consider: The socks and shin pads are not included in the price and cost extra.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top soccer uniform for money

Pairformance: Kids’ Unisex Soccer Uniform

Pairformance: Kids’ Unisex Soccer Uniform

What you need to know: A fashionable uniform for kids ages 6 to 12

What you’ll love: Choose from five great colors of this high-performance shirt featuring anti-odor technology. The polyester is breathable and moisture-wicking. Any team or individual will look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time in this uniform.

What you should consider: Socks are not included and must be separately bought if needed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Laifu: Custom Goalie Soccer Uniform for Adults and Kids

Laifu: Custom Goalie Soccer Uniform for Adults and Kids

What you need to know: A great-looking goalie uniform for adults and kids.

What you’ll love: It’s made from breathable, moisture-wicking polyester and features padding in the chest and elbows. The sponge-lined stretch pants have extra protection on the knees and 

give goalies more confidence to dive and make saves knowing they are protected. Four great colors are available, and the jersey is fully customizable with name, number and team logo.

What you should consider: Socks are not included in the uniform.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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