LA CROSSE/EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Week 9 is complete, and it was a ton of fun! Christian McCaffery returned, the Chiefs offense dominated once again, and there were some huge stars that produced fantasy points. Welcome back to Fantasy Football Leader Breakdown, where the top three quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends will be analyzed and broken down from their latest matchup.

Quarterback #1 – Kyler Murray = 37.92 Fantasy Points (STD)

Kyler Murray continues to be one of the best QBs to have in fantasy football. The Cardinals quarterback had one of his best fantasy performances yet, as he hauled in 37.92 points. Despite the heartbreaking 34-31 loss over the Dolphins, Murray had his first 100-yard rushing game of the year. Murray completed 21 of 26 passes for 283 yards and three touchdowns, while also rushing for 106 yards and a touchdown. The mobility Murray has to offer is out of this world and is where he really shines. He continues to look spectacular and is a blast to watch. Murray should come out hot in Week 10’s matchup against the Buffalo Bills, as an anticipated shootout may occur.

Projected Points for Week 10 = 25.1

Lucas’ Projections = 33.9

Quarterback #2 – Josh Allen = 36 Fantasy Points (STD)

After a few slower weeks, Josh Allen had an impactful fantasy performance in his Week 9 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Allen completed 31 of his 38 passes for 415 yards and three touchdowns. Not only that, but he also carried the balls seven times for 14 yards and a rushing score. The young Buffalo QB continues to be a gunslinger, as all his weapons were finally healthy. Allen had a field day in the 34-44 victory, as the Seahawks defense has given up tons of points all season long. Allen should be started in Week 10, as he takes on Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. Should be a great game!

Projected Points for Week 10 = 24.0

Lucas’ Projections = 28.6

Quarterback #3 – Patrick Mahomes = 30.88 Fantasy Points (STD)

Once again, Patrick Mahomes makes the leader list after his 31-33 victory over the Panthers. Though the Chiefs got off to a slow start, Mahomes erupted as the game continued. The former MVP completed 30 of 45 passes for 372 yards, tossing four touchdowns. It seems unlikely that Mahomes’ fire will be put out any time soon, as he continues to deliver for his fantasy managers. Having several offense weapons, Mahomes has a very bright future ahead of him and should always be started in any matchup, no question.

Projected Points for Week 10 = BYE

Lucas’ Projections = BYE

Running back #1 – Dalvin Cook = 37.2 Fantasy Points (STD)

Vikings running back, Dalvin Cook continues to destroy defenses with his running ability. Yes, Cook is number one on the leader list once again, and it is well deserved. The RB carried the ball 22 times for 206 yards with two touchdowns and 46 receiving yards in the 34-20 win over the Detroit Lions. Owners of Cook must be extremely happy that he is putting up insane numbers for their fantasy teams. If Cook can stay healthy, he is a player that everyone wants on their roster for the rest of the season. He had some great games so far, but Cook will have a tougher matchup against a strong Bears defense. However, plug and play Dalvin Cook.

Projected Points for Week 10 = 17.5

Lucas’ Projections = 24.9

Running back #2 – Christian McCaffrey = 27.1 Fantasy Points (STD)

What a story for Carolina Panthers running back, Christian McCaffery. After suffering a nasty ankle sprain, McCaffery missed six games, allowing backup Mike Davis to hold the ground. In his return, it was rumored that McCaffery and Davis would split carries. That was not the case in the matchup against the Chiefs. It was the Christian McCaffery show, and he looked as if he never missed a game. The back carried the ball 18 times for 69 yards. He also hauled in 10 receptions for 82 yards and a touchdown. However, after coming off a phenomenal fantasy performance, there is some bad news. Towards the end of the 31-33 loss, McCaffery suffered a shoulder injury. This could cost him more time in the future. Owners should monitor McCaffery’s practice report.

Projected Points for Week 10 = 16.9

Lucas’ Projections = 20.5

Running back #3 – James Robinson = 15.9 Fantasy Points (STD)

Jaguars rookie running back James Robinson is having a great fantasy year. The young RB has been consistent for the most part, leaving fantasy managers with a good chunk of points each week. Robinson had 99 yards and a touchdown in the 27-25 loss to the Texans. The rook took some pressure off of Jake Luton, who had his first NFL debut. Robinson can easily be considered an RB1 and should continue to be started regardless of the matchup.

Projected Points for Week 10 = 13.0

Lucas’ Projections = 15.4

Wide receiver #1 – Richie James Jr. = 24.4 Fantasy Points (STD)

49ers wide receiver, Richie James Jr. had the opportunity to explode on Thursday Night Football. He did just that. This was James’ first time being active this year, and he caught nine of his 13 targets for 184 yards and a touchdown. Being a third-year wide receiver, James had only caught 15 balls over his first two NFL seasons.  COVID-19 knocked out two of the teams starting receivers, causing Richie James to step up. Sadly, for James, the team will get back their star receivers, but it is a possibility the team will look to James for some big plays. He can be considered a prime waiver target for this week, but it would be risky starting him in Week 10 against the Saints powerful defense.

Projected Points for Week 10 = 7.2

Lucas’ Projections = 4.3

Wide receiver #2 – Tyreek Hill = 24.1 Fantasy Points (STD)

Tyreek Hill has been absolutely outstanding this season. The Chiefs wide receiver continues his touchdown streak in the team’s 31-33 victory to the Panthers. Hill was targeted 18 times and hauled in nine balls for 113 yards. It’s safe to say that Hill is Mahomes’ favorite target. This was Hill’s first game over 100 yards this season, and he has scored at least one touchdown in all but one game this year. Sadly, fantasy managers will not be able to use Hill or the Chiefs high-powered offense as the team will go into their Week 10 BYE.

Projected Points for Week 10 = BYE

Lucas’ Projections = BYE

Wide receiver #3 – Devante Adams = 23.3 Fantasy Points (STD)

Green Bay Packers wide receiver, Devante Adams continues to be great. Adams caught 10 passes for 173 yards and one touchdown in the Packers blowout victory over the 49ers on Thursday Night Football.  Aaron Rodgers always finds a way to get the ball into Adams’ hands, and the outcome is usually always impactful. The all-star receiver is always a plug and play no matter the matchup. Adams and the Packers will take on the Jaguars in Week 10.

Projected Points for Week 10 = 15.9

Lucas’ Projections = 25.9

Tight end #1 – Travis Kelce = 15.9 Fantasy Points (STD)

Once again, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end makes the #1 spot in the leader list. Travis Kelce remains rank #1 in the tight end category after another explosive performance against the Carolina Panthers. Kelce was targeted a whopping 12 times in the contest, catching 10 balls or 159 yards. Travis Kelce may be specified as a tight end, but with his consistency, he can be easily labeled as a WR1. Kelce and the Chiefs head into their Week 10 BYE, so owners will not have this star player and will need to pivot.

Projected Points for Week 10 = BYE

Lucas’ Projections = BYE

Tight end #2 – Irv Smith Jr. = 13 Fantasy Points (STD)

Tight end for the Minnesota Vikings, Irv Smith Jr. had a productive fantasy outing in the 34-20 victory over the Lions. Smith Jr. was targeted only four times but caught two balls for 10 yards and two touchdowns. Without those touchdowns, this performance would be a dud. Smith Jr. is a risky start as he is a boom-bust candidate. It would be a good idea to stay away as the Vikings passing offense is unpredictable. Smith Jr. and the Vikings will take on the Bears in a Monday Night Football showdown.

Projected Points for Week 10 = 3.6

Lucas’ Projections = 1.6

Tight end #3 – Jimmy Graham = 11.5 Fantasy Points (STD)

Veteran tight end, Jimmy Graham continues to be a reliable tight end, as he is often targeted in the endzone. The Bears tight end caught six passes for 55 yards and one touchdown in the 24-17 loss over the Titans. Graham has now five touchdowns on the season. Owners of Graham rely on a touchdown catch for a solid fantasy performance. Though it is likely, there is a big chance of a bust when discussing this tight end. The Bears take on the Vikings in Monday Night Football in Week 10.

Projected Points for Week 10 = 5.9

Lucas’ Projections = 9.6

Another week in the books! Week 9 was extremely entertaining, and it will be exciting to see what Week 10 has to offer. Monitor your injuries and keep an eye on the COVID-19 complications. Good luck with waivers and in Week 10!