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LA CROSSE/EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – An action-packed Week 3 of fantasy football is now completed, and thankfully there were not nearly as many injuries as Week 2. There are several returning faces to this week’s breakdown but also a ton of new players as well! Welcome back to Fantasy Football Leader Breakdown, where the top three quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends will be analyzed and broken down from their latest matchup.

Quarterback #1 – Patrick Mahomes = 40.0 Fantasy Points (STD)

Super Bowl MVP and Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, had quite the fantasy impact on Monday Night Football against Baltimore Ravens. It was the battle of the MVPs, as Mahomes took on Lamar Jackson on his home turf. The young Kansas City QB stole the show, totaling four touchdown completions in the anticipated matchup with also adding one rushing touchdown to his tally. By having his selection of deadly offensive weapons, Mahomes completed 31 of 42 passes for 385 yards in his 34-20 victory. The accuracy, intensity, and determination were easy to see in Mahomes’ playstyle as he most likely had a chip on his shoulder being compared to last years league MVP. It was hard to lose a fantasy football matchup with having Mahomes as your starting QB, bringing in a weighty 40.0 points. It will be interesting to see Mahomes and the Kansas City offense take on the New England Patriots in Week 4, creating another anticipated matchup.

Projection Points for Week 4 = 21.3

Lucas’ Projections = 26.5

Quarterback #2 – Russell Wilson = 36.8 Fantasy Points (STD)

Russell Wilson continues to wow viewers by working his passing magic. The intense 38-31 win against the Dallas Cowboys in America’s Game of the Week allowed Wilson to haul in a heaping 36.8 fantasy points. Wilson completed 27 of his 40 passes for 315 yards and five touchdowns. Yes, five touchdowns. If you happened to draft this Wisconsin alum, your future is bright. The quarterback looked to be in complete control and with having his best set of pass-catchers by his side. Wilson is on a mission this season, and it is clear to see that he will be a dominating quarterback all season long for fantasy football. No matter the matchup, Wilson will be sure to deliver points to your scoreboard. Having some difficult matchups so far, an easier target is on Wilson’s radar as he takes on the Miami Dolphins in Week 4.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 21.3

Lucas’ Projections = 27.8

Quarterback #3 – Josh Allen = 31.2 Fantasy Points (STD)

Josh Allen is back on the top leader breakdown and appears to be one of the most enjoyable quarterbacks to watch this season. The young QB remains undefeated as he and the Buffalo Bills gave the Los Angeles Rams their first loss of the season, 35-32. The game went back and forth between both teams, but Allen came out on top looking crisp on the game-winning drive. Allen completed 24 of 33 passes for 311 yards. It is easy to forget about his one interception, as he made up for it with four touchdowns. Though it was not the prettiest win, Allen still was able to impact all fantasy teams that rostered him and teams that played against him. Allen should be rostered in Week 4 as he travels to Las Vegas to take on the Raiders. You can expect another stellar performance from this QB1.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 20.3

Lucas’ Projections = 25.8

Running back #1 – Alvin Kamara – 31.7 Fantasy Points (STD)

The Saints may have lost 37-30 on Sunday Night Football, but managers with Alvin Kamara rostered were most likely smiling from his outstanding performance. Kamara is a powerhouse in the Saints offense. It is extremely unlikely when you see the ball not in Kamara’s hands in an offensive drive. Kamara is known to catch more than he rushes, with rushing just six times for 58 yards and catching 13 of his 14 targets for 139 yards. Kamara seemed to be unstoppable, noting that he got into the endzone twice. The momentum should carry along with Kamara as he takes on the Detroit Lions in Week 4. Expect several handfuls of fantasy points from Kamara.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 17.1

Lucas’ Projections = 26.7

Running back #2 – Rex Burkhead – 27.8 Fantasy Points (STD)

Who expected this? A very unusual but powerful performance came from 30-year-old Patriots running back, Rex Burkhead, in a 36-20 win against the Raiders. With James White missing the past two games, Burkhead shows major involvement in the Patriots offense. Burkhead rushed just six times for 49 yards and two touchdowns. However, his hands got some action too! Burkhead added seven receptions for 49 yards and another touchdown. It was a monster game for Burkhead, and not many fantasy managers expected this. So, what does the future look like for Rex Burkhead? He should be involved as a pass-catcher if James White misses Week 4 against the Chiefs. However, the odds of him having a three-touchdown game again are slim. It would be risky starting Rex Burkhead in his next matchup against Kansas City, but if you are feeling dangerous, give it a go.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 9.7

Lucas’ Projections = 5.4

Running back #3 – Derrick Henry – 25.0 Fantasy Points (STD)

We all expected Derrick Henry to be on this list eventually, and this week he finally delivered! With not scoring a touchdown in the first two weeks of the season, Henry provided for his fantasy owners. Henry rushed 26 times for 119 yards and two touchdowns and caught two passes for 11 yards in his 31-30 win against the Vikings. Henry has been consistent when speaking on volume, so the touchdowns were bound to happen. Good things are ahead of Derrick Henry, but he has a tough matchup against the Steelers in Week 4. The Steelers have been great at stopping the run, but there is no reason to not start this beast.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 15.7

Lucas’ Projections = 10.4

Wide receiver #1 – Tyler Lockett = 28.0 Fantasy Points (STD)

Tyler Lockett looked incredible in his matchup against the Cowboys. With having Russell Wilson as his QB, the chemistry continues to build, allowing deep passes intended for Lockett. Lockett snagged 9 of his 13 targets for 100 yards and three touchdowns. By Lockett being the primary slot receiver for Wilson, the volume will always be there. Lockett has had a trend of finding the endzone this season with pulling in four touchdown receptions. That is halfway to his total in a full 16 game season! Fantasy owners can expect meaty points from Tyler Lockett, given that he is apart of Russel Wilson’s secret recipe. 

Projected Points for Week 4 = 12.0

Lucas’ Projections = 19.4

Wide receiver #2 – Justin Jefferson = 23.5 Fantasy Points (STD)

The young Minnesota Vikings rookie went off on the Titans. Despite the close 31-30 loss, Justin Jefferson proved his worthiness to the team by creating some major plays that impacted the game as a whole. The young Viking brought in seven of nine targets for 175 yards. Jefferson got loose for a couple of big plays, including a 71-yard touchdown in the third quarter. Keep in mind that Jefferson has now led the Vikings in receiving for two straight weeks. The upcoming schedule may seem dangerous for the young rookie, but at this point, it would be a smart idea to start this motivated wide receiver Week 4 against the Houston Texans.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 6.9

Lucas’ Projections = 10.5

Wide receiver #3 – Cedrick Wilson = 22.7 Fantasy Points (STD)

Cedrick Wilson had himself a day by pulling in five of his seven targets for 107 yards and two touchdowns in the tough loss to the Seahawks. With other impressive receivers on the Cowboys offense such as Michael Gallup and CeeDee Lamb, Wilson’s standout performance was clearly unexpected. Wilson has been submerged on the depth chart and he wasn’t even targeted through his first two weeks of the season. This could be concerning for Wilson, but it is also possible that the Cowboys now know the skillful abilities he has to offer. It’s highly unlikely for Wilson to have another monster game Week 4 against the Browns. He is likely on waivers but picking him up should not be a priority.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 1.6

Lucas’ Projections = 6.3

Tight end #1 – Jimmy Graham = 18.0 Fantasy Points (STD)

Jimmy Graham became the top-scoring tight end in Week 3. Not many people predicted this, noting his rustiness and lack of volume. However, Graham has been seeing more targets in the red-zone, possibly making him a desperate TE1 in the future. Graham brought in six of 10 targets for 60 yards and two touchdowns in the Bears’ 30-26 comeback win over the Falcons. It’ll be interesting to see how Graham plays against the aggressive Colts defense in Week 4. Jimmy Graham may be worth starting but if there is a better matchup tight end available on the waiver wire, that may be your best move.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 4.7

Lucas’ Projections = 4.0

Tight end #2 – Tyler Kroft = 14.4 Fantasy Points (STD)

Another Buffalo Bills player makes the list, however, it is likely no one rostered Tyler Kroft in any league. Kroft snagged 4 of his 5 targets for only 24 yards on Sunday’s win against the Rams. However, he did manage to score two touchdowns in the mix, producing a pleasurable fantasy number for the tight end position. It is important to take note that Tyler Kroft saw an opportunity because Dawson Knox didn’t play. Don’t let the impressive number convince you. Though Kroft scored the game-winning touchdown, he is someone that should be ignored when deciding on a starting tight end.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 1.7

Lucas’ Projections = 0.0

Tight end #3 – Eric Ebron = 11.2 Fantasy Points (STD)

Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Eric Ebron had a decent fantasy day on Sunday against the Texans. Ebron caught 5 of 7 targets for 52 yards and a touchdown. This was the veteran tight end’s first touchdown with his new team, noting that he has had a silent two games before this. It’s possible to see more action from Ebron and he could be considered a TE2 in Week 4 against the Titans – if they decide to play due to Titans COVID-19 issues.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 5.6

Lucas’ Projections = 6.7

Honorable Mention – Dak Prescott = 27.4 Fantasy Points (STD)

Dak Prescott deserves to be discussed, as he gets an honorable mention for his #4 spot on the QB leader list. Prescott delivers 27.4 points in the tough 38-31 loss against the Seahawks. Prescott completed 37 of his 57 pass attempts for 472 yards and three touchdowns. The two interceptions may have been game-changing but in the fantasy football world, they were easily forgotten. Prescott also gave his legs a little workout by rushing for 26 yards. Prescott has been consistent with putting up some big numbers, and with having their next match-up against a struggling Browns defense in Week 4, the numbers should remain high.

Projected Points for Week 4 = 19.8

Lucas’ Projections = 25.4

Week 3 thankfully avoided the injury curse that Week 2 provided. As some very familiar players made the list once again, it was fun to see some unique faces make the cut. As the preparation of Week 4 starts, it should be noted that the Tennessee Titans have major COVID-19 problems. It will be interesting to see how this will play out with postponements. Best of luck in Week 4!

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