LA CROSSE/EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Having only one postponed matchup, an extended Week 5 of fantasy football is in the books and it left a ton of surprises to all football lovers. Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott suffered a gruesome ankle injury that left the league shocked. Steelers rookie receiver, Chase Claypool had an insane fantasy game that left everyone scrambling to waivers. Also, tons of close matchups left people biting their nails through the final quarter. Welcome back to Fantasy Football Leader Breakdown, where the top three quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends will be analyzed and broken down from their latest matchup.

Quarterback #1 – Ryan Tannehill = 30 Fantasy Points (STD)

After a long break due to COVID-19 complications, Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill looked to be excited to be back out on the field. In the new Tuesday Night Football matchup against the Bills, Tannehill appeared to be crisp, as he completed 21 of 28 passes for 195 yards and three passing touchdowns. He also added four carries for 42 yards and a rushing score during the 42-16 victory blowout. Tannehill appears to be fresh and ready to prove his name. He should be rostered next week as he and the Titans take on the Texans in the Week 6 matchup.

Projected Points for Week 6 = 17.5

Lucas’ Projections = 19.8

Quarterback #2 – Patrick Mahomes = 29.7 Fantasy Points (STD)

Former MVP, Patrick Mahomes, provided the league with a heft dosage of fantasy points. Despite being upset by the Raiders 40-24, the Chiefs quarterback still had an impacting fantasy production. Mahomes threw for 340 yards, two touchdowns, and ran for a rushing touchdown. However, he threw his first interception as well, but that error is easily covered from his ending points. Mahomes contacted 22 of his 43 passes, which is lower than what most fantasy managers are used to. Even from a sloppier game, Mahomes still provided a big share of points and will continue to be in that top-tier quarterback category. Next week’s matchup will be a great one, as Patrick Mahomes takes on Josh Allen, another top-tier quarterback, in a rescheduled Monday night showdown!

Projected Points for Week 6 = 23.3

Lucas’ Projections = 26.5

Quarterback #3 – Ryan Fitzpatrick = 27.6 Fantasy Points (STD)

It was expected that Dolphins quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick would have a hard time producing fantasy points against the 49ers. However, Fitzpatrick proved everyone wrong in his huge 43-17 victory. Fitzpatrick completed 22 of 28 passing attempts for 350 passing yards and three touchdowns. Fitzpatrick, also known as ‘Fitz-magic’, threw over 300 yards in the last two games, making him a perfect streaming option, especially in his next matchup against the Jets.

Projected Points for Week 6 = 19.0

Lucas’ Projections = 26.4

Running back #1 – Ezekiel Elliot = 22.5 Fantasy Points (STD)

Ezekiel Elliot, running back for the Dallas Cowboys had a solid fantasy performance in Week 5’s 37-34 win over the Giants. Elliot was fed the ball 19 times, gaining 91 yards. Elliot also added a catch for 14 yards. The bulk of Elliot’s point pile came from his two touchdowns. It is expected to see more Elliot action in the future with Dak Prescott being out for the year due to his injury. Elliot remains to be a top fantasy running back and will guarantee a hefty amount of points in the future. ‘Zeke’ and the Cowboys will take on the Cardinals in Week 6.

Projected Points for Week 6 = 17.9

Lucas’ Projections = 24.3

Running back #2 – Miles Sanders = 21.9 Fantasy Points (STD)

It was one huge play that landed Miles Sanders a spot on this week’s leader list. The Eagles running back ran the ball only 11 times for 80 yards and two touchdowns, adding two catches for 19 more yards. Sanders scored on an incredible 74-yard run in the first quarter that gave his fantasy owners a comfortable edge on their opponents. If it weren’t for that run, Sanders would not be on this list. However, it is obvious his skill is valuable, and is a must-start RB2 in most matchups. Just note that the Eagles continue to struggle offensively, which may cause concern for Sanders in the future. Sanders and the Eagles take on the Ravens for a bird-battle in Week 6.

Projected Points for Week 6 = 13.6

Lucas’ Projections = 7

Running back #3 – Todd Gurley II = 21 Fantasy Points (STD)

Falcons running back Todd Gurley looked like his old self in Week 5’s matchup against the Panthers. From having the best game of his season so far, Gurley had 18 touches for 150 yards and a rushing score. Gurley tore up the Panthers’ defense, providing smiles on his fantasy owners’ faces. There is some upside to Gurley, just in time as owners were starting to doubt the former Rams running back. Good things are ahead for Gurley as he has a matchup against the Vikings in Week 6, who struggle against the run.

Projected Points for Week 6 = 12.7

Lucas’ Projections = 14.5

Wide receiver #1 – Chase Claypool = 35.6 Fantasy Points (STD)

Steelers Rookie wide receiver, Chase Claypool, had a massive breakout game in his 38-29 win over the Eagles in Week 5. From Diontae Johnson leaving the game in the first half due to a back injury, Claypool was easily the team’s leading receiver. The young Steeler snagged seven of his 11 targets for 110 yards and three touchdowns. Claypool also added three rushes for six yards and another touchdown, adding four to his breakout game. It can be assumed Claypool’s volume was because of Johnsons’ absence. However, Claypool going back to a quiet roll is unlikely after his monster game. The rookie is easily a priority waiver target this week, and he won’t go cheap. Claypool and the Steelers gear up as they take on the Browns next week, and Claypool will likely be a main piece to that matchup.

Projected Points for Week 6 =8.2

Lucas’ Projections = 10.3

Wide receiver #2 – Mike Williams = 22.9 Fantasy Points (STD)

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver, Mike Williams, had a surprising performance in the intense overtime matchup against the Saints on Monday Night Football. Williams returned from a hamstring injury, which caused fantasy owners to either sit him or to not expect much from the receiver. However, Chargers prime wide receiver, Keenan Allen left the game due to a back injury, creating a spotlight for Williams. Williams caught five passes for 109 yards and two touchdowns. If Allen remains to be out, Williams will likely be that number one target. However, Chargers have a BYE week, giving Allen more time to heal. Fantasy owners of Williams will want to monitor that injury closely, but starting Williams should be a safe bet.

Projected Points for Week 6 = BYE

Lucas’ Projections = BYE

Wide receiver #3 – Brandin Cooks = 22.1 Fantasy Points (STD)

After a quiet four weeks, Texans wide receiver, Brandin Cooks came out loud with a big fantasy performance. The Texans showed everyone why they traded for him in the big 30-14 victory over the Jaguars. Cooks brought in eight catches on 12 targets for 161 yards and a touchdown. This was the first game without the Texans’ previous Head Coach and General Manager, Bill O’Brien. This could possibly be a big shift for the Texans. Though Cooks had a decent game, he should still only be considered as a WR3. Keep an eye on him and if he keeps up this momentum, he can easily be considered a WR2.

Projected Points for Week 6 = 8.2

Lucas’ Projections = 6.7

Tight end #1 – Travis Kelce = 16.8 Fantasy Points (STD)

Travis Kelce is known to be one of the best tight ends in the game. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end led the team with eight catches for 108 yards and a touchdown. Despite the shocking loss to the Raiders, 40-32, Kelce proved his worthiness once again. It is obvious to see that Kelce is Mahomes’ prime target. Though Kelce seemed to be coming off a quiet fantasy performance in Week 4, he made up for it in Week 5 by making some huge plays. Kelce still remains to be the top option at tight end around all fantasy leagues and will continue to provide points in Week 6’s anticipated matchup against the Buffalo Bills.

Projected Points for Week 6 = 11.3

Lucas’ Projections = 14.5

Tight end #2 – Jonnu Smith = 11.6 Fantasy Points (STD)

Titans tight end, Jonnu Smith, appeared to be a favorite target in the Tuesday night showdown. Smith caught five of his seven targets for 40 yards and two touchdowns. Smith has five touchdown receptions in his four games played, making him an emergence for a TE1. The tight end continues to be a popular conversation when discussing fantasy football tight ends, as he is a player that gets a decent number of targets. Jonnu Smith can be rostered with confidence as the tight end category appears to be slim on points.

Projected Points for Week 6 = 7.3

Lucas’ Projections = 6.5

Tight end #3 – Darren Fells = 11.7 Fantasy Points (STD)

Darren Fells, Houston Texans tight end, caught two passes for 57 yards and a touchdown in Week 5’s victory over the Jaguars. Fells was a sneaky play as his workload increased with Jordan Atkins out. Fells finished the game with only two targets, so do not get your hopes on this tight end just yet. If Atkins misses more time, then the conversation on Fells may be continued but for now, he is mainly a deep league streaming option.

Projected Points for Week 6 = 3.1

Lucas’ Projections = 1.9

A lengthy Week 5 of fantasy football is completed, and the waivers will be popping as fantasy owners try and scoop up all the new hot players. Injuries played another factor this week, causing streaming options to be more critical this week. With no Thursday Night Football this week, Sunday will be the next time everyone gets to watch the gladiator sport, giving some more time to set lineups. Good luck in Week 6!