LA CROSSE/EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Fantasy football is flying by as Week 8 is now completed. Some usual fantasy leaders made the list once again, showing how valuable they really are. Welcome back to Fantasy Football Leader Breakdown, where the top three quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends will be analyzed and broken down from their latest matchup.

Quarterback #1 – Patrick Mahomes = 36.64 Fantasy Points (STD)

Superbowl MVP Patrick Mahomes has made it to the leader list once again, and not many people are surprised. As Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs played against the New York Jets, everyone was expecting a major blowout and field day for Mahomes. That is exactly what happened. Mahomes dominated in the 9-35 victory with completing 31 of 42 passes for 416 yards and five touchdowns. The high-octane offense clicked on every level as Mahomes provided heavily for fantasy owners. Even though Mahomes got pulled in the fourth quarter, the 36.64 fantasy points were plenty for the QB. Mahomes and the Chiefs will take on the Panthers in Week 9 and should be started as usual.

Projected Points for Week 9 = 23.0

Lucas’ Projections = 27.9

Quarterback #2 – Russell Wilson = 28.74 Fantasy Points (STD)

Russell Wilson once again makes the fantasy leader list. The Seahawks QB continues his MVP candidate playstyle through Week 8. Wilson completed 27 of 37 pass attempts for 261 yards, four touchdowns, and zero interceptions. Wilson ripped through the 49ers banged-up defense, finding his DK Metcalf for two touchdowns. Wilson continues to pile up fantasy points and should be started in Week 9 in the anticipated shootout against the Buffalo Bills.

 Projected Points for Week 9 = 25.5

Lucas’ Projections = 28.4

Quarterback #3 – Aaron Rodgers = 22.54 Fantasy Points (STD)

Despite the tough loss to the Vikings, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers still provided meaty points for his fantasy owners. Rodgers completed 27 of 41 passes for 291 yards and three touchdowns in the 28-22 loss. All three touchdowns went to Rodgers’ favorite target, Devante Adams. Rogers continues to be a starting QB and will likely generate a hefty point pile. Rodgers and the Packers have a short week as they take on the 49ers in Thursday Night Football.

Projected Points for Week 9 = 18.3

Lucas’ Projections = 24.9

Running back #1 – Dalvin Cook = 46.6 Fantasy Points (STD)

Coming off a groin injury, Dalvin Cook looked spectacular in Week 8’s victory against the Packers. The Vikings running back run for 163 yards with four touchdowns in the 28-22 W. He also added two receptions for 63 yards, totaling his all-purpose yards with 226. Cook delivered a masterful performance, and fantasy owners were in awe. Cook carried the ball a whopping 30 times in the snowy game, and the Packers had no way to stop him. As Cook and the Vikings take on the Lions next week, it will be sure that Cook will have another great fantasy day.

Projected Points for Week 9 = 20.3

Lucas’ Projections = 28.0

Running back #2 – Zack Moss = 20.1 Fantasy Points (STD)

Rookie running back for the Buffalo Bills, Zack Moss, finally had an impactful fantasy day. The Bills backfield had been struggling, but Moss made his carries count in the 21-24 win over the Patriots. Even though carries were split with Singletary, Moss rushed 14 times for 81 yards and had two touchdowns. It was easy to see that the Bills loved Moss in the Redzone, which may make him a possible FLX option. However, it should be noted that Moss’s fantasy value is shaky and unreliable. Moss can easily be a bust in Week 9’s matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. 

Projected Points for Week 9 = 6.5

Lucas’ Projections = 11.1

Running back #3 – Giovani Bernard = 19.8 Fantasy Points (STD)

As Bengals running back, Joe Mixon remained out for a second week, it was Giovani Bernard’s time to shine once again. Bernard carried the ball 15 times for 62 yards and a touchdown while also adding three catches for 16 yards and another touchdown in the upset victory against the Titans. Though Bernard watched Semaje Prine score a short rushing touchdown in the second quarter, fantasy owners were still happy with Bernard’s two touchdown production. Sadly, fantasy owners may have to say farewell to Giovani Bernard as Joe Mixon is likely to claim his starting position back. It would not be a bad idea to stash Bernard just incase of a Mixon re-injury or split carries. The Bengals will head into their BYE in Week 9.

Projected Points for Week 9 = BYE

Lucas’ Projections = BYE

Wide receiver #1 – DK Metcalf = 28.1 Fantasy Points (STD)

After a disappointing fantasy performance in Week 7, DK Metcalf blew everyone’s socks off in Week 8 by hauling in 28.1 fantasy points. Metcalf looked to be unstoppable in the 37-27 victory against the 49ers. The 22-year-old wide receiver recorded 12 receptions on 15 targets for 161 yards and two touchdowns. It appears Metcalf and Tyler Lockett switch off on ‘boom’ weeks, so it may be hard to predict who will boom or bust. However, there is no excuse to not start these Seattle WRs. Metcalf will continue to provide fantasy points in the future and can easily be considered a WR1.

Projected Points for Week 9 = 11.4

Lucas’ Projections = 15.8

Wide receiver #2 – Devante Adams = 23.3 Fantasy Points (STD)

As expected, Devante Adams had a big fantasy day in Week 8’s tough loss to the Vikings. Adams caught seven passes for 53 yards and three touchdowns. Adams is easily Rodgers’ favorite option, as he was targeted a team-high of 12 times. The connection is strong between the veteran QB and WR. Though the Packers offense sputtered in the final half, Adams still shows why he is a must-start WR1. The Packers have a short week, as they take on the 49ers on Thursday Night Football. Adams should be started in this matchup.

Projected Points for Week 9 = 13.9

Lucas’ Projections = 17.4

Wide receiver #3 – Tyreek Hill = 21.8 Fantasy Points (STD)

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, has been the most consistent wide receiver when discussing fantasy points. If you look back at Hill’s previous scoring weeks, it’s beautiful. In Week 8, Hill continued his touchdown streak with two more touchdowns. He caught the ball four times for 98 yards. Hill has caught at least one touchdown in all but one game this season, so it is comforting to start Hill no matter the matchup. The Chiefs take on the Panthers in Week 9, and everyone can expect another touchdown for Tyreek Hill.

Projected Points for Week 9 = 11.5

Lucas’ Projections = 18.5

Tight end #1 – Travis Kelce = 16.9 Fantasy Points (STD)

Kansas City Chiefs Tight end, Travis Kelce continues to deliver major fantasy value. Kelce caught eight passes for 109 yards and a touchdown in the easy victory against the Jets. Kelce had a down week in his last matchup, but it was never a worry for this beast. Kelce should be started in Week 9 as he takes on the Panthers. He will be sure to get plenty of opportunities as he is one of Mahomes’ favorite offensive weapons.

Projected Points for Week 9 = 11.3

Lucas’ Projections = 15.2

Tight end 2 – Jared Cook = 11.1 Fantasy Points (STD)

New Orleans Saints tight end, Jared Cook had a decent fantasy day. The tight end hauled in five receptions for 51 yards on seven targets. Cook scored a touchdown in the mix, making most of his fantasy points. Cook remained one of the main receiving options in Week 8, as the WR1 and WR2 were both rules out for the matchup. However, even though those WRs will be returning, Cook should still be started as he is frequently targeted by Drew Brees and has a valid role in the Saints offense.

Projected Points for Week 9 = 6.1

Lucas’ Projections = 8.8

Tight end #3 – Eric Ebron = 10.8 Fantasy Points (STD)

Steelers tight end, Eric Ebron caught four of five targets for 48 yards and a touchdown in the close victory over the Baltimore Ravens. This was Ebron’s second score of the season, which makes him a solid option in the Pittsburgh passing attack. Ebron can be considered a starting tight end moving forward as the Steelers take on the struggling Dallas Cowboys in Week 9.

Projected Points for Week 9 = 6.4

Lucas’ Projections = 12.7

Week 8 is now completed. There were many busts on big-name players but also several booms as well. As the Eagles, Rams, Browns, and Bengals go on BYE, be sure to adjust your lineups and hit the waiver wire hard if needed! Good luck in Week 9 and fingers crossed for no COVID-19 complications.