(WLAX/WEUX) – While the National Football League had a flawless three weeks without any COVID-19 concerns, the virus surprised the league in Week 4 with several Tennessee Titans players and staff testing positive for coronavirus. So far, the Minnesota Vikings have had no positive tests, noting they played the Titans last week. However, both the Vikings and Titans have shut down facilities momentarily due to the outbreak.

It has been announced that the Week 4 Steelers-Titans matchup will be rescheduled to later this season. The announcement of the date will be revealed soon. That means both teams will not play in Week 4.

Some may ask, what does this mean for fantasy football? It’s a mess. Since both teams are not playing in Week 4, it must be treated as a BYE week. Yes, it is earlier than expected but with the pandemic still around it is best to ensure the health and safety of players and staff.

Both the Steelers and the Titans have key fantasy football players, and it is obvious with the game not happening, it can cause major tilt for fantasy managers. However, if you were scheduled to battle against running backs Derrick Henry and James Conner, this could be beneficial for your team

It is important to change your lineups before Thursday Night Football begins. Pick up some free agents if needed and replace those key players before they give you a fat zero during your matchup.

The normalcy of the healthy NFL was nice while it lasted, but a COVID-19 problem was expected to happen sooner or later. Keep calm and remember you are not alone. Several fantasy managers are impacted by this. We all knew this fantasy football year would be unpredictable, and this first outbreak really spices things up. Good luck in Week 4!