The NFL quarterback dominos started to fall Monday. . .

Former 49er Jimmy Garoppolo is now a Las Vegas Raider.  Former Raider Jarrett Stidham is now a Denver Bronco.  Former Buffalo Bill Case Keenum is now a Houston Texan.  And former New York Jet Mike White is now a Miami Dolphin.

But the biggest QB domino may fall as early as today or almost certainly on Wednesday, the date trades for NFL players under contract can be made official starting at 3 p.m. as March 15th is the beginning of a new league year.

And it appears that Aaron Rodgers will be most likely wearing a New York Jets uniform next fall.

It’s deja vue for the Green Bay franchise and Packers fans, as Brett Favre was traded to the Jets 15 years ago as then back-up Rodgers was ready to assume the starting quarterback role.

Green Bay appears ready to move on from their 39-year-old future hall of famer quarterback and turn the reins over to Jordan Love, who they traded up to select in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft.

Team President Mark Murphy said last week in Green Bay in a television interview at the state girls’ basketball tournament that the team was trying “. . .to be respectful and also help him (Rodgers) achieve what he wants.”

“He’s obviously a great player and four-time MVP,” Murphy said.  “But I think it’s trying to find what he wants, and what we want and, hopefully, we can find a win-win situation.”

As the NFL world and media continues another week of speculation, Rodgers has given little indication on his intentions to play this season or retire.  But a decision is coming soon, and on Rodgers’ timetable. 

“I think it won’t be long,” Rodgers said this weekend in a I AM ATHLETE podcast.  “There’s a time limit for all of this.”

Murphy said that he couldn’t reveal any details of the discussions between Rodgers and the Packers or about the progress of Jets talks.  Green Bay granted permission for Rodgers to talk to the New York franchise, and the team owner and officials met with Rodgers last week to discuss his interest in a trade to the Big Apple and the AFC East.

While Trey Wingo reported yesterday a Rodgers’ trade to the Jets is a “done deal,” other pro football analysts such as ESPN’s Adam Schefter and NFL Networks’ Ian Rapoport are reporting nothing is done or official.

Until Rodgers makes his decision on playing a 19th season—after his recent four days of isolation in the dark to contemplate his future—the NFL world waits.  And what Rodgers ultimately does will impact the plans of other free-agent players that may consider joining him in New York.

Multiple media reported this morning that the Jets are expressing interest in some of Rodgers’ favorite targets and Packers teammates—Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, and Marcedes Lewis—to help facilitate the four-time MVP quarterback’s move to New York.

All three are unrestricted free agents who could help make Rodgers comfortable with a talented young team that is a quarterback away from potentially erasing decades of futility for the franchise.  The Jets are all in this season to make a playoff run and compete for a Super Bowl berth in the tough AFC East and a conference loaded with elite quarterback talent and top teams like Kansas City, Buffalo, and Cincinnati.

Once Rodgers announces his intentions and if a trade to New York moves forward, the teams would have to work out compensation due to the Packers and adjust Rodger’s contract, including how much the Jets would pick up of the quarterback’s reported $58.3 million salary this season.

As Murphy stated, the goal is a win-win scenario for Rodgers and the franchise, which is ready to move forward with the Jordan Love era in Green Bay.

Players and fans of the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions are no doubt thrilled about Rodgers’ potential departure.  Between Rodgers and Favre, the two first-ballot hall of fame quarterbacks have dominated the NFC North division over the past three decades.

But nothing is official yet—and the wait continues in what an ESPN commentator dubbed “The Aaron Rodgers time zone.”