How the Denver altitude majorly affects the MLB All-Star game


(WLAX/WEUX) – In Denver, Coors Field sits at 52 hundred feet above sea level. We’ve heard it a time or two when it comes to this MLB All-Star weekend, baseballs are going to fly. To tell us why here’s Taylor Brooks.

Doctor Allan Nathan is a physics professor at the University of Illinois. His love for the game of baseball has turned into studying the physics of it.

Alan Nathan said, “I suspect that you will see some home runs hit close to 500 feet.”

“It all comes down to the air density. The air density in Denver is roughly 80 percent of what it is at sea level. So, when the air is less dense. The effect of the ball in the air is less so that impacts pitched baseballs as well as batted baseballs,” said Nathan.

This is where we go down the rabbit hole when it comes to the metrics of baseball. Exit velocity, launch angle. All of the fun aspects will factor into the Home Run Derby. Where ya, a lot of guys are going to be hitting a lot of home runs here at Coors Field.

“Something might travel 100 feet at a 100 mph maybe at a 30-degree launch angle. That’s about at the optimum and travels 400 feet in the air. Well in Denver that 300-foot fly ball will travel something at like 430 feet. It’s a pitcher’s nightmare,” said Nathan.

A guy who has lived that nightmare is former Rockies pitcher Jason Hirsh, and not just because it’s a hitters paradise.

“You might see some balls hit in the rooftop. Actually, upon the roof top. You might see balls hit above the elevator shaft in the left field, the scoreboard,” said Hirsh.

The balls will be a little different though as the humidor won’t be used in the home run derby, making this more of a launching pad.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to see it all around,” said Hirsh.

In Denver, I’m Taylor Brooks. Back to You.

And just a reminder that you can catch the all-star game Tuesday, right here on FOX 2548, starting at 6:30.

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