NEW YORK (AP)Just over half of the 1,261 video review challenges made by teams in the major leagues were successful this season.

Major League Baseball said Monday that 633 calls challenged by clubs were overturned, which comes to 50.2%. There were 240 calls confirmed and 388 allowed to stand – where there was not enough evidence to confirm or overturn.

The New York Mets led the majors with a 78.9% success rate, followed by St. Louis (63.2%) and Cleveland (61.9%).

Oakland (37.5%), the Los Angeles Angels (38.3%) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (39.5%) were the least successful.

In addition, there were 173 crew chief reviews initiated by umpires. MLB said 35 were overturned, a 20.2% rate. Seventy-seven calls were confirmed and 40 allowed to stand. Of the crew chief reviews, seven were for rules checks and 14 for record-keeping.

Including crew chief reviews there were 1,434 total reviews, of which 668 were overturned (46.6%), 317 were confirmed (22.1%) and 428 were allowed to stand (29.8%).

The average time of a video review was 1 minute, 31 seconds.

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