I myself took a lot of pride in being the Iron Man. I rarely missed football games. So what does that look like? Can you give them a little synopsis or a summary of what that looks like in a routine on a weekly basis?

That’s the biggest change from college to the pros is taking care of your body and the 17-week season plus training camp and playoffs. And it’s really around the clock, whether it’s your diet, whether it’s getting your lifts in recovery, stretching, hot tub, that kind of stuff.

So that’s about being a pro. And the guys that have long seven, eight, nine, ten-year careers do those small things. As we know, that adds up over the course of the season.

And defensively right now to you guys, I know everyone loved when Dom Capers was here and you know the bench, but don’t break defense right now. Sixth, in terms of yards, but 15th in terms of points, give it up.

What do you think you guys can do to fix that and clean that up just a little bit more?

There are some positives. I think right now we’re second and third down defense. I want to say we’re second and pass defense, but no doubt our run defense is a work in progress. This week is a huge test for us.

The Cowboys pride themselves on having a great running game and a very good O-line. So this is a huge challenge for us and it’s a chance to prove people wrong.

Yeah. So what’s one thing that you guys work on the turnover ball? I mean, I know a lot of times I will have like, you know, pass the ball out drills well, like simulate picking the ball up pursuit drills, things like that like what’s something that you guys or monster that that that Joe Barry is giving you

guys to continue to echo throughout the defense.

All of those things really every day we have different circuits to be ball aware as we say if it’s a D lineman punching at the ball if it’s a DB or a secondary guy you know being a, you know, having great ball skills and the balls in the air, just small things and just having great awareness to really just make sure that if you have a chance to get the ball out, you know, go for it.