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Packers-Bears: playoff implications at Lambeau Field Sunday

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – This one means something.

When 10-3 Green Bay and 7-6 Chicago renew their epic NFL rivalry Sunday at 12-noon at Lambeau Field, playoff berths are at stake.

“It great for these franchises to meet at the end of the NFL’s 100th season with playoffs on the line,” said Mike Ditka, former Bears head coach.  “Should be a great game to watch for all football fans.  The Bears have come on strong and the Packers and Aaron Rodgers hold their playoff destiny in their own hands.  Look for defense and turnovers to decide this one.”

This week, let’s test your knowledge of the Packers-Bears rivalry…don’t worry it’s multiple-choice (answers at the bottom, no cheating!):

1.  How many times have Green Bay and Chicago met in the all-time series?

  • A.  160
  • B.  170
  • C.  180
  • D.  190
  • E.  200

2.  How many more victories do the Packers have than the Bears in the regular-season series?

  • A.  2
  • B.  3
  • C.  6
  • D.  8
  • E.  10

3.  What year did Chicago and Green Bay first play?

  • A.  1919
  • B.  1920
  • C.  1921
  • D.  1922
  • E.  1923

4.  In what year(s) did the Packers and Bears not play?

  • A.  1922
  • B.  1936
  • C.  1942
  • D.  1956
  • E.  1982

5.  What are the most points scored by the winning team in the Green Bay-Chicago series?

  • A.  53
  • B.  55
  • C.  57
  • D.  59
  • E.  61

6.  Name the players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s inaugural class of 1963 from the Green Bay and Chicago franchises.

  • A.    Curly Lambeau
  • B.    George Halas
  • C.    Robert “Cal” Hubbard
  • D.    Harold “Red” Grange
  • E.    Bronko Nagurski

7.  How many NFL championships have Lambeau and Halas won between them?

  • A. 10
  • B. 11
  • C. 12
  • D. 13
  • E. 14

8.  George S. Halas played professional baseball for what franchise? 

  • A. Chicago
  • B. New York
  • C. Boston
  • D. St. Louis
  • E. Baltimore

9.  How many years was Lambeau associated with the Packers?

  • A. 21
  • B. 26
  • C. 31
  • D. 36
  • E. 41

10.  What roles did Lambeau have with the Green Bay franchise in his tenure?

  • A. Founder
  • B. Player
  • C. Team Captain
  • D. Head Coach
  • E. President

The Answers

1. – C.  The Packers and Bears have played 200 regular-season games and met twice in the playoffs.  Green Bay leads the all-time regular season series by a slim margin.  The teams are 1-1 in postseason play and Green Bay holds a 12-5-2 edge in meaningless exhibition games.

2. – B.  Green Bay leads the all-time regular-season series, 97-94-6.

3. – C.  The NFL’s oldest rivalry began on Nov. 27, 1921.  Chicago, then nicknamed the Staleys, shutout the Packers, 20-0, and won the next two meetings by 3-0 scores.  The Packers did not score a point or win a game against Chicago until 1925, when they defeated the Bears, 14-10, in Green Bay.

4. – A & E.  The Packers and Bears did not play in 1922 and 1982.  The teams were not scheduled to face each other in 1922.  Sixty years later, the NFL players’ strike wiped out their two scheduled meetings.

5. – E.  The highest point total by the winning team in the series is 61.  The Bears demolished the Packers, 61-7, at Soldier Field on Dec. 7, 1980.  It is the most points allowed by Green Bay in a regular-season game in franchise history.  Head coach Bart Starr was furious that Chicago ran up the score, further fueling the intense rivalry.

6. – All of the above.  Lambeau, Halas, Hubbard, Grange, and Nagurski are all members of the inaugural class of 1963.  Chicago has the most players (26) with busts in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, while Green Bay is second with 21 inductees.

7.  C.  The two patriarchs of NFL coaches won 12 NFL championships in their illustrious careers.  Fittingly, they each won six to share the league record.  The Packers won titles under Lambeau in 1929-31, 1936, 1939, and 1944.  The Bears won championships under Halas in 1921, 1933, 1940-41, 1946, and 1963.

8. – B.  After leaving the Navy in 1920, Halas played right field for the New York Yankees before a hip injury derailed his promising professional baseball career.  In 1919, Halas was named MVP of the Rose Bowl for his performance in leading the Great Lakes (naval) team to a 17-0 victory over the Marines.

9. – C.  Lambeau was associated with the Packers for more than three decades.  He founded the team in 1919 and resigned under fire after a 2-10 1949 season to coach the Chicago Cardinals.  City Stadium was renamed in Lambeau’s honor on Sept. 11, 1965, three months after his death.

10. – A, B, C, D.   Lambeau founded the team in 1919, played from 1919-29 and was a team captain, and served as head coach from inception until 1949.  He was a vice president of the club, but never served as president of the organization.  Lambeau fashioned a 212-106-21 overall record in his tenure.

Your Score

-If you answered all 10 questions correctly, consider yourself a Packer history buff.

-If you answered seven questions right, you know your stuff pretty well.

-If you got 3-4 correct, you have a base of Packers knowledge to build upon.

-If you got one right or failed to answer any of the questions correctly, purchase a team media guide and enjoy some winter reading.

Week 15 NFL Picks

  • Ravens
  • Buccaneers
  • Eagles
  • Patriots
  • Texans
  • Seahawks
  • Chiefs
  • Giants
  • Bills
  • Raiders
  • Browns
  • 49ers
  • Rams
  • Vikings
  • Saints

Green Bay’s defense faces a much improved Mitch Trubisky and surging Bears team this time.  This one may well be a repeat of the season opener with a defensive stop that seals the win.

  • Packers 24, Bears 21

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