The Packers had the ball on 4th and 2 with 10:53 left in the first quarter of their Week 3 game against the Saints. 

Then things got weird. 

Green Bay decided to go for it, with quarterback Jordan Love tossing the ball back to running back Emanuel Wilson. He pitched it back to Love, but a low throw prevented Love from fielding it cleanly. 

When he finally got ahold of it, he nearly did the splits as he slipped on the field. His unbalanced pass attempt from a near-split leg position sailed well over the head of intended target Dontayvion Wicks.

Needless to say, everything wrong that could’ve happened with the play, happened.

The Saints then received the ball on their own 44-yard line, and their drive resulted in a touchdown to put them up 7–0 early in the first quarter.